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in App. Communication :: There are many situation when you need to allow for two applications to communicate. Maybe you need to check how many instances of an application are running. Maybe you need to exchange application specifc data between application instances. Maybe one application needs to "wait" until other application finishes some task...

What's your practice? Have you ever needed for two of your Delphi applications to communicate? Why? How do you send information between your Delphi applications? What do you send? Let us learn something new from your expirience.

Read the full article and let s here your voice: Real World Examples Needed: Why/What do you Send Between Delphi Applications?.


April 15, 2009 at 4:52 am
(1) fbaudoux.ir says:

you want to hear our experience on this subject ?
I realized an application that reacts to some hot-key in whatever windows application (word, Iexplorer, excell, any user app) by sending the contents of its clipboard to a particular application (in my case a spell checker); the latter sends back the corrected text to the calling application. Actually the spell checker derives from A-Spell and thus accommodates quite a number of languages.
At many place in my code I use tricks that I found on your site and the present mail is meant to thank you for these numerous snippets I received free thanks to about delphi.
PS The spell chekcker is open source.

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