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Delphi December 2003 Archive


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Using standard .NET controls in VCL .NET applications with Delphi for .NET

Wednesday December 31, 2003
Delphi for .Net :: A step by step guide to importing a BCL Winforms component into a VCL package for use in a VCL application

How to know when an app exits

Wednesday December 24, 2003
FORUM :: "How can I know from my Delphi app when another app terminates? For example, I run my app called CALLER.EXE and then I run CALC.EXE, how can CALLER.EXE ... Read More

A first look at Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Saturday December 20, 2003
ARTICLES :: Read about exciting features of an integrated development environment for building Delphi language applications that run in the Microsoft .NET environment.

Enable or disable a control by name

Thursday December 18, 2003
TIPS :: Suppose you need to change the availability of the control to the user using only the control name...

Run with Parameters

Wednesday December 17, 2003
ARTICLES :: How to pass command-line parameters to your Delphi application and how to handle them.

Your powerful presentation - Turbo Demo

Friday December 12, 2003
ARTICLES :: Sooner or later you'll realize that only developing *the* best application for your users is not enough. Your next step is creating demos and tutorials as well as ... Read More

Fun With Threads

Wednesday December 10, 2003
THREADING :: An application that searches for all the files in a directory and its subdirectories, queues them into a list, then uses threads to run checksums on the files. ... Read More

RichEdit to the Max

Tuesday December 9, 2003
TIPS :: The TRichEdit control included in the VCL is a wrapper for a Windows rich text edit control. Rich text edit controls let the user enter (edit, format, print, ... Read More

System Tray Delphi application - quick and easy / dirty and effective

Monday December 8, 2003
ARTICLES :: Placing Delphi applications in the System Tray in easy steps. The perfect place form programs that are left running for long periods of time with no user interaction. Once ... Read More

Delphi May Be the Only Choice You Have!

Friday December 5, 2003
ARTICLES :: Why Delphi may be the only good choice for your development projects today (no meter what your language of choice is today).

What's the word under the mouse cursor in a TRichEdit?

Wednesday December 3, 2003
TIPS :: Here's a code to find the word under the mouse cursor in a RichEdit...

"This module was compiled with a Trial Version of Delphi. The Trial period has expired."

Tuesday December 2, 2003
ADP :: Well, I got several email messages from non-Delphi people (read "not developers") that have asked me about this "trial" problem. It seems many users are expiriencing this trial error ... Read More

Touch Me - I'm Untouchable

Monday December 1, 2003
ARTICLES :: Intercepting keyboard input for controls that cannot receive the input focus. Working with keyboard hooks.

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