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Delphi Programming Almanacs: 1998. - 2012. Something for Every Delphi Developer: Beginner or a Guru!

Thursday December 27, 2012
in Delphi Almanacs :: According to Wikipedia, an almanac is an annual publication containing tabular information in a particular field or fields often arranged according to the calendar. A Delphi ... Read More

Reverse Engineering (Decompiling) Delphi Applications

Monday December 24, 2012
in Advanced Delphi :: Simply speaking, decompilation is the inverse of compilation: translating an executable file into a higher level language. Suppose you lose your Delphi project's source and you ... Read More

Speed and Size: Top 10 Delphi Programming Tricks

Friday December 21, 2012
LANGUAGE TIPS :: In many case the Delphi compiler will take care of the optimization. But that's just limited to aligning the code for pipelines, and some other small tweaks ... Read More

Listening to the Clipboard: Delphi Clipboard Spy with Custom Clipboard Formats

Monday December 17, 2012
in Advanced Delphi :: Clipboard stores information in multiple formats so we can transfer data between applications that use different formats. When reading information from the clipboard with Delphi's TClipboard ... Read More

Custom Drawing a TComboBox: Color Pick List, Font Pick List

Thursday December 13, 2012
in using VCL :: As with menus (menu items), an application can create an owner-drawn combo box to take responsibility for painting list items. An owner-drawn combo box can list/show ... Read More

Have a Delphi Function Return Multiple Results / Values

Tuesday December 11, 2012
in For Beginners :: A return value from a function is defined by the return type. I guess that in most cases you would write a function to return a ... Read More

Intercepting Keyboard Input with Delphi - Implementing a Keyboard Hook

Monday December 10, 2012
in Advanced Delphi :: Consider for a moment creation of some fast arcade game. All the graphics is displayed, let's say, in a TPainBox. TPaintBox is unable to receive the ... Read More

Understanding Owner Drawing in Delphi

Friday December 7, 2012
in Advanced Delphi :: I guess we all like the idea of graphics displayed in the "Start" menu of Windows XX. Have you ever wondered is it possible to ... Read More

Understanding and Processing Keyboard events in Delphi

Tuesday December 4, 2012
in Delphi Language :: Get familiar with the OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, and onKeyPress Delphi event procedures to respond to various key actions or handle and process ASCII characters along with other ... Read More

Understanding and Using Windows Callback Functions in Delphi

Monday December 3, 2012
in Advanced Delphi :: To call most API/DLL functions from Delphi, you write a function that calls the API function, and you're done. In some cases, however, system needs to ... Read More

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