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Delphi Programming TIPS - 2002
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December 2002
How to get DBGrid Cell coordinates
How to find the Windows Task Bar (position)
Retrieving a list of installed Applications on Windows
How to get the number of words in Richedit
How to detect when a TMediaPlayer stops playing

November 2002
Connect and disconnect to/from the Internet
How to correctly use the mouse wheel in TDBGrid
Adding QuickReports to the Delphi 7 Component Palette
How to split a string into an array

October 2002
How to delete 'Temporary Internet Files' from code
Adding an icon to the standard Windows About dialog
How to check if Small Fonts are set
How to store a TDateTime in the Registry
How to Convert a String of Integers into an Array of Byte

September 2002
Delphi Split()/Tokenizer functions
How to translate a virtual-key to ASCII code
How to comment out large amount of source code
How to place a TCheckBox inside a TRichEdit

August 2002
How to List Paper Formats for the Default Printer
How to Refresh the Desktop window
Close your application with the "ESC" key
How to Get the Filename of the Process that is Currently Executing

July 2002
How to find the size of a folder?
How to convert BMP to WMF
How to convert WMF to BMP
Catch a 'Tab Character' key stroke inside a TEdit

June 2002
Creating a TString object
Deactivating the default context menu (on TCustomEdits)
How to change the background color on different lines of text in a TListBox
Is computer attached to a network?

May 2002
How to make the TDateTimePicker display blank
How to add a button to the IE Toolbar
Disabling an Event Handler After Its First Exexcution
How to use a dialog window to select a folder

April 2002
Get the line number of a selected row in a DBGrid
How to get the current URL from IE
Is TCP/IP installed?
How to check if the ActiveDesktop is ON
Change the default directory Delphi uses to save projects

March 2002
How to calculate the date of Easter for a given year
Stop Windows from Displaying Critical Error Messages
Converting from TFileTime to TDateTime
Flicker free TImage in Delphi 6

February 2002
Delete Line Breaks from a string
Two (or more) line Hint box.
Making an application restart with Windows
Case statement that *accepts* string types

January 2002
Set Default Screen Saver From Code
Get Computer Name
Get Windows User Name
Flip Bitmap (Horizontal or Vertical)

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