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Disable Mouse and Keyboard from Delphi Code


The BlockInput API function blocks keyboard and mouse input events from reaching applications.

Place a Button (name: "Button1") on a form (name: "Form1") and use this code for the button's OnClick event handler. Once you click the button your mouse and keyboard will be blocked for 5 seconds.

Note: BlockInput is available only on Windows 98 and newer, this is why we have a "FuncAvaial" procedure - to test the existance of a function inside a DLL.

 procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject) ;
   function FuncAvail(dllName, funcName: string; var p: pointer): boolean;
     lib: THandle;
     result := false;
     p := nil;
     if LoadLibrary(PChar(dllName)) = 0 then exit;
     lib := GetModuleHandle(PChar(dllName)) ;
     if lib <> 0 then
      p := GetProcAddress(lib, PChar(funcName)) ;
      if p <> nil then Result := true;
     BlockInput : function(Block: BOOL): BOOL; stdcall;
    if FuncAvail('USER32.DLL', 'BlockInput', @BlockInput) then
     ShowMessage('Your Mouse and Keyboard will be blocked for 5 seconds!') ;
     BlockInput(true) ;
     Sleep(5000) ;
     BlockInput(false) ;
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