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Wim van Nifterick, 04/30/2006
Just to tell you that I appriciate your About.com Delphi work. Although quite fluent in Delphi and other languages myself, you reguarly touch some things (be it Delphi or Windows API) that were hidden just below the surface.

John Zhu, 2/15/2006
We found this example gZoom you wrote in Delphi. It solves a critical problem in one of our recent project. I'd like to thank you for contribute to the Delphi and programming community at large.

Steve Fox, 11/29/2005
I'm a 3rd year Canadian computer science student who's currently doing an internship in China. I have had to learn many new technologies quickly, especially Delphi. I just wanted to thank you for your awesome Delphi tutorials. I find them very easy to follow, and also humorous! So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Sepehr Eskandari, 10/09/2005
I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you very much for all your hard work on Delphi.about.com. I am a beginner/intermediate Delphi programmer. I write programs for scientific analysis in my research. The programs are not distributed, but used in-house. I have been using your site for about a year now and time and time again, I have found helpful guidance.
Thanks again and please continue your wonderful effort.

Roger Spaeder, 10/05/2005
Just a short note to congratulate you on the superb job you do as the Delphi guide. You're a terrific teacher.
As a lawyer who has been programming as a hobby with Delphi for almost a decade, I believe that your site is by far the best source of quality tutorials and best practices for Delphi programming that is available anywhere. You have done a great service for Delphi enthusiasts, and your extensive coverage of the subject matter is a great supplement to the Borland documentation (which, sadly, is often useless). With the shrinking availability of good Delphi books, your site continues to offer up-to-date teaching on the latest versions of the Delphi IDE. I started with Delphi 1.0 (after getting hooked on VB and then switching to Delphi), and I'm now using Delphi 2005 (Win32/dotNet/C#).
Keep up your practice of providing source code downloads for your topics!
When I need to solve a Delphi problem, I always go to About Delphi Programming first. And I appreciate the search engine on your site, which usually returns information that is responsive to my search terms.

Dean Atteberry, 08/29/2005
Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for a Great Delphi website! I am doing some pretty intensive Delphi programming and whenever I get stuck, I always head for Google ... and your About.com Delphi website consistantly shows up on the first page of google results I get back.
But just showing up on Google isn't enough. You got to deliver the answers ... and you do that too! I consistantly get my questions answered by the articles and coding examples. For example, my latest google was "timage clear image?".
I had looked thru all the methods and properties of both TImage and TPicture with no luck. And you came thru with the answer again ... Image1.Picture := nil; I never would have found this one in a hundred years of looking thru Delphi help file.
Thanks again for a great Delphi website!

Beyhan Meyrali, 08/24/2005
I want to send that mail becuase when I visit delphi.about.com, I allways see some new and helpful information and i want to learn more and your articles are motivating me to do my job. I am learning a lot of new things by your page. Thanks!

Dave Schmidt, 08/15/2005
I just wanted to say "Thanks alot for your continued work in supporting Delphi, and new developers". I have found that your web site is very informative and helpful to me.

Luis Castillo, 06/28/2005
Hi .. First of all, I apologize for my English, it isn't so good. But I wanted to tell you thay your page is excellente. I have been visiting the pages about delphi and they are wonderfull. They are very complet, very readiable, And I can say that has everything someone need to learn deeply delphi. I have barely learned english and thanks to it i can study a lot. The exciting is so big that I coudn't avoid to write a email of congratulations.

Joost van Rijswijk, 05/15/2005
It's sunday, and what else to do then trying out some Delphi stuff that I cannot do on my job during the week. So after some google searches I end up on your wonderfull Delphi website. Again. This is what I just realised, whenever I have Delphi questions I seem to end up on your site. This is why I am sending this email, to say thanks.
Thank you very much for all the great articles over the years!

Doug Filteau, 03/10/2005
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent work at About.com. Your column's definitely one of the the highlights of the web for me. I just thought it'd be a good thing to hear a compliment from a reader.

Doug Johnson, 25/09/2004
I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the job you do on the About.com Delphi site. Although I have been a programmer for 20 plus years, I came to Delphi a little over 3 years ago (I looked at it in the Beta Delphi 1 days, but I was a FoxPro and C programmer and didn't have time to learn Pascal) and your site has been invaluable over and over again. Most recently I started working with Delphi 8 and ASP.Net and your tutorial has been very helpful. Know that you are appreciated.

Kimo Waugh, 05/08/2004
I have been reading you articles for a while (some time late last year). I find them very informative and helpful. I have received much help from your articles on a project that I have been working on.
I think you are really a pro at this. Not only programming but presenting your articles and demonstrations in a very simplistic fashion that one grasps it very easily.

David Purdy, 03/25/2004
I would like to express my gratitude for the fantastic job that you have done and the wealth of invaluable material that you have made available. I have been programming for 20 years and have, just recently, encountered Borland Delphi ... the best kept secret in the programming business.

Sylvia Patteet, 02/21/2004
I would like to thank you for creating such a interesting website. I'm just starting with Delphi and the beginner's courses are a real gift of heaven for a newbie. I have programmed for 4 years in VB6 and changed work now. In the new company they program everything in Delphi (version 1-7, 8?). I'm looking forward for courses for the Delphi.Net version!

Bill Morgan, 02/15/2004
Dear Zarko,
WOW! I just had to write you and give you BIG THANKS for putting up the article "Monitoring System Shell Changes using Delphi." It was fantastic! I have been searching all over for exactly this kind of thing for SO LONG!
I was having problems for a while that my disk sometimes is making little disk writes every so many seconds while just sitting there, and me doing nothing. I wanted to find out what the heck is going on when this happens and now I will be able to. I was thinking Spyware? Has someone put a spy program on my disk? What's going on?
That is some really great code in these days where people and companies try to take over your machine. Thanks a lot for posting this. I searched everywhere and found nothing as good as this.
I just wanted to let you know how your efforts really help a lot of people. In this case this helped me so much that I felt I MUST write you and let you know.

Miguel, 01/16/2004
... with this contact I will express gratitude for the many tutorials and helps founded in your page...

DarylV, 09/28/2003
Thanks so much for this Forum and all of the extremely well-written articles. I have visited other Delphi forums. This one out-performs all the others put together!! And what an output of articles. I have been all over this forum for weeks only to discover things I had no idea existed and lots of them. I can't tell you how important it has been to me. I have the luxury of being able to try things without understanding all of the coding. As a beginner, that has given me the incentive to keep trying until I get Defiant Delphi subdued!

Erik Wijdemans, 07/17/2003
I am very pleased with your website! It's in one word: FANTASTIC!! One question: How did you learn all the Delphi you explain at your website? All by tutorials? Really, I'm searching a way to get me going quick and easy.

Mark Tait, 07/15/2003
I just wanted to say thanks for keeping such a great site. I started using Delphi not quite a year ago and find myself returning again and again to your site for the solution I'm after. Great Job.

Ken Byington, 05/15/2003
I just wanted to say that delphi.about.com is a great site, and has helped us numerous times. Keep up the good work. Our novice developers got great benefit from the database development series you did recently.

Klaus Nordby, 01/27/2003
I'm a fellow computer writer, a design and graphics specialist, who is now - finally - slowly beginning to learn Delphi. I've just discovered your site at delphi.about.com, and only wanted to thank you for all your fine work on this site! As a newcomer to Delphi, I really appreciate all your clearly written information, as well as all the links to external resources.
So: Thank you!

George Helmke, 12/31/2002
Yet another time I do a search on Google for how to do something, and yet another time it is Zarko Gajic that pops up on my screen. Thanks for all of the tips in the past year or so. They have really helped. Your writing style is excellent - to the point, good explanations, and entertaining.
Have a great 2003.

Mike Jessett, 12/03/2002
I'm a student at Washington State University, getting my Bachelors in Business MIS and Finance, AND I like to program, your articles about Delphi sparked my interest in programming to new heights. I had learned Pascal programming on my old Atari 130XE. So when I moved to the IBM clones in 1994, I continued my love for Pascal by buying Borland's Turbo Pascal and Turbo assembler. These worked fine on the old Win 3.1/3.11 platforms but I had a bit of a problem when I went to Win 98SE. It wasn't until I saw a column from you on Delphi and Pascal, that I realized my favorite language was still in use. I've contacted Borland, and when I get my next Student loan, I'm getting a copy of that great language. Thank you ever so much for informing me that it was still there.

Cass McNutt, 12/01/2002
Zarko - just a quick note to say THANKS for all that you do on About.com! -- I can't TELL you how many times your articles have "saved the day" for me!

Gilles Kerhousse, 11/25/2002
Thank you for all your works on Delphi, from Paris! You are excellent! Thank you very much.

Predrag Gredelj, 11/25/2002
Croatian: Pozdrav, samo ukratko, jednostavno nemogu da vjerujem da netko iz lijepe nase moze napraviti tako kvalitetne stranice, koje su koliko vidim itekako poznate i u svijetu.
Inace, vec jedno duze vrijeme koristim se Vasom stranicom, i moram priznati rijesili ste mi mnogo problema sa primjerima i rjesenjima. Samo tako naprijed ! Sve pohvale !!!

Moh Dady, 10/15/2002
I am new to Delphi, i started with VB (used to use VB6), but since I am coming from the oil and gas domain i really found VB a little bit hard to understand , so I turned to try Delphi but I had to look for beginner courses, and being in a third country is difficult to find such things , so I tuened to the NET and God thanks I've found many and many nice sites BUT YOURS IS REALLY EXCELLENT, so now I am learning this powerfull tool (Delphi) throu YOU, so THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND THE TIME YOU SPENT ON SUCH A SUBJECT , and GOOD LUCK Mr. GAJIC.

Pavel Hruska, 10/14/2002
I know you probably receives hundreds of e-mails per day, but I wish to drop you simple words saying "Thank you for those superb pages about Delphi programming, specially for free course for DB coding".
After my 3-years long pause I came back to delphi and found it powerfull to handle Access (or any other) databases. Just in time when I need to use databases in my whole life. One month of learning VBA (bleah) was really irrating but then I found your pages and your guide to DB coding. That pushed VBA to the hell :-) and I really never want to "need it".

Pieter Neveling, 10/03/2002
I have to compliment you on your tutorials for delphi. I am totally new to programming and have decided to learn Delphi. Your tutorials are easy, straight forward, and very explanitory. Thanx for the great work. Hopefully I have enough knowledge one day to contribute to your code pages

Stuart Gooding, 08/21/2002
Zarko, I just want to say thanks for the fantastic tutorials. They have helped me emmensely in my learning to program web server applications.

Jess Tuton, 08/17/2002
Dear Zarko:
Thank you very much for your clear, well written introduction to Delphi programming. I am very interested in becoming proficient with Delphi, but found it difficult to make the transition from basic information to more advanced concepts. I have programmed IBM midrange systems (AS/400) for 15 years now. Your internet tutorials continue to be very valuable in making the transition to object oriented Windows programming.
Keep up the good work.

Eric Engler, 06/10/2002
I don't think I ever told you how much I like your work. I normally don't say much, but your site is one of the few best Delphi sites!
You don't have as much stuff as some sites, but you have better quality than the others! There's lots of good meat for beginners and advanced programmers. It's hard to target such a wide range and still be good at what you do.
I think you'd make a great teacher. It's in your blood.

Richard Wilson, 05/21/2002
I am writting this letter just to say "thanks" for making the delphi.about page. I am 13 yrs old and just recently started programing with Delphi 5 which I got from a computer magazine. I completed the tutorial on making a form with a label that said "hello world" from the mag.
Ever since then, I have been gettting tips and writting my own code from the Net. But I have to say, "your page is the best" it contains LOTS of info and tutorials and I curently made an owner draw popup. One thing I think is great, is the fact that I can say "I want to make that" and I will probaly find the answers on your site.
Well, any way, I just though I would say thanks as I now know the path I will take in my future!

Ben Buitenhuis, 05/15/2002
For several years I visit jour site: delphi.about.com. And I want to thank you for your tips, tricks and newsletter. Keep the good work going!!!
That's All.

Paul Tempier, 03/29/2002
Your Delphi programming site is great, your work impressive, your answers quick and friendly,
Thanky you!

Chris Jezovnik, 03/20/2002
As a budding Delphi programmer, I can't begin to tell you how many times I have had to turn to the Internet to find Delphi answers. It should be of no surprise that your Delphi pages on About have been of tremendous help to me in my work.
Thank you very much for all your help!

Mark Miller, 02/28/2002
Hi Zarko,
I just wanted to say thanks to you for your excellent Delphi articles online. I have frequently found quick and accurate answers to questions in your columns, and I appreciate the hard work that has gone into them.
Best regards, Mark Miller, Eagle Software

Cristian Arnaud, 12/02/2001
Dear Mr. Zarko Gajic,
Well, today is a slow and peaceful Sunday and as I was reading one of the tutorials on your page I realized that I had never taken the time to stop and say thank you. I won't take much of your time, I've been a Delphi developer for a few years, and since the day I knew about your site there has not been a single question I don't find an answer for in it. I could say a lot of great things about it, but as I said, I don't have the intention to take your time, so just know that your site has been of great help to me and I'm thankfull for it.

Gunter Solle, 11/06/2001
Hi there Zarko,
I just wanted to Say Thanks For all the love, ambition & enthusiasm you show for Delphi and OOP Pascal. I have been Subscribed to your newsletter for quite a while now, but only recently have I really let myself get heavily caught up in the whole Delphi thing.
Anyways I just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration you put into this "addiction" I hope that you to are are inspired by the "Awe" that your guide puts into others

Christian Wohlfahrt, 09/05/2001
After beeing a delphi.about.com newsletter reader for about one year now, I just felt the need to tell you that you are doing a very fine job as the guide there! ... I always rely very heavily on your pages, where I found a solution to almost all problems I have during programming. It's kind of a "front door to the delphi-web" for me, but most of the time I find the solution right behind the front door ;-) Well...except some OpenGL problem I still have ;-)
So thanks for providing the help there !

Dave Schmidt, 08/12/2001
I just wanted to say thanks for the Database tutorial on the about website. I'm just getting started with databases and I've found this really helpful...as well as the Delphi site.. Great Job.

Rod Hulme, 08/10/2001
Just a quick note of thanks for your impressive content in the About.Delphi site. I'm new to the Delphi world and whenever I have problems & questions (a regular occurrence) I always check through your site first, and most times either solve or find links to solve the questions I have.

Tony McArdle, 07/10/2001
Dear Zarko
I have been getting your Delphi email for some time now and find it very informative, helpful and easy to use. You obviously put in a lot of effort on your site. I just thought it was about time I thanked you.

Andre du Plessis, 06/30/2001
I just want to thank the author of about.com for the great Delphi mailing list service, your free tutorials are awesome and not to mention the weekly links to online delphi tutorials, It has really helped me in my Delphi Career.
And once again It is all free!
Please keep up the good work

SY Aboubakar, 05/09/2001
I'm a confirmed developer with VB and had made some good projects with Delphi (that I'm almost now became a "new newcomer").
Anyway, just this msg to tell you how much your articles and works on Delphi's Corner is of high quality, usefull for working developers and the other (who still learn, like me in Delphi).
Big Bravo and Thank you.

William T. D'Silva, 05/03/2001
Just a few lines to say how much I appreciate your site and your contributions to the Delphi community!
Please keep up the great work!

Kevin Berry, 03/16/2001
This is just a short e-mail to say how much I appreciate the work Zarko Gajic puts in with the Delphi About.com pages. I have really learnt so many things with the RTL pages stuff - I've been creating my own functions for things that already existed in the RTL!! Now I no longer need to use my non-standard routines but instead I can use the RTL functions.

Serge Beaulieu, 03/16/2001
I want to thank you for supporting Delphi. Ever since I was introduced to it by a friend several years ago, I fell in love with it's simplicity. Now, I am not a heavy duty programmer or anything, I am learning it and sometimes my learning is in tiny little bits at a time. I am sure there are faster ways to do the things I do, but I enjoy learning it this way. I live in Canada, and Delphi is not real popular here ... most are advocates of VB and Access (like most of North America). I have remained steadfast and have pushed locally Delphi. I just want to say thanks for supporting this great language. I think I have been a user of your site for over a year and I probably visit half a dozen times a week. Thanks for putting in the effort to push this product forward.

Allen Klinger, 02/20/2001
I am relatively new to Delphi programming and I discovered your site a few weeks ago. It has been tremendously helpful. Thanks so much for a job well done!

Paolo Sparvieri, 02/12/2001
I think it's one of the best site about Delphi I've ever seen !! Go on this way!

Arkadi Coletti, 02/09/2001
I would like to commend you on your articles in Delphi progamming. I have been programming in Visual Basic for a few years now and now I am learning Delphi. Your site has helped me more than once on solutions to problems that I had. Your examples are well written, easy to understand, and complete! I have performed many searches on the net for my Delphi problems, and often I am directed to your site....I guess I should look first at delphi.about.com! You have a great resource for people like me learning Delphi. Thanks.
Keep up the good work!

Akiva Hochberg, 02/08/2001
I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your web site. There are a few thing I like about it.
(1) I like that unlike other delphi sites it is dynamic always offering different topics and interesting tips.
(2) It is user friendly I usually find something I am looking for, and if I don't chances are that I will stumble across something else that will come in handy.
(3) It is well written and clear.
Thanks for your work, keep it up!

Ryan M. Ramsey, 01/11/2001
As an aspiring young Delphi Developer, i have come to appreciate the valuable information, tutorials and even links to jobs that are found at your website! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to keep us all informed on what's new in Delphi and for providing information to increase my skills and knowledge, Keep up the good work!!!

Eelko Heuvelmans , 12/19/2000
I just wanted to tell you that i realy do like this newsletter. I'm just 17 years old and i'm just started with Delphi 4 months ago. I Realy learned a lot from your site and this news letter.
Keep on going.

David Sosnowski, 06/06/2000
Just a quick note to thank you profusely for a truly excellent resource at About/Delphi.
Although a seasoned programmer, I'm new to Delphi, and I have learned a tremendous amount from the articles and materials.
Though I'm sure many forget there is a person working with great effort to create a resource like this, please be assured that there are many thousands of us out here who genuinely appreciate your work.


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