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TOP 10 Delphi
Most popular Delphi Programming articles, as of 23 August, 2001:

Free Delphi Database Programming Course
Free online database programming course for beginner Delphi developers. Focus on ADO techniques.

Converting WAV to MP3 and back
A brief introduction to the windows Audio Compression Manager API.

Your first MP3 Delphi player
See how to build a full-blown mp3 player with Delphi in just a few seconds. Even more: get the ID3 tag information from a mp3 file and change it!

Sticky Windows
How to dock your Delphi forms to the edges of your desktop screen.

An introduction to hook procedures
This document describes what Windows hooks are and how to use them within a Delphi application. Sample project, to trap keystrokes, included.

About XML and Delphi
Everything you need to know about Delphi and the Extensible Markup Language. Find out about creating and parsing XML documents, look for parser components and more.

A first look at Kylix
Taking a short trip to Linuxland - find out what Kylix has to offer to a Delphi developer preparing to code cross-platform applications.

"The Big Brother" Delphi code toolkit
Going undercover: hiding from the task list, disabling task-switch, removing from the TaskBar, disabling shut down, ...

Weird Delphi
Custom shaped forms, a funny way to distinguish yourself from the others! Plus: custom shaped buttons and various form enhancements.

Message in the Bottle
Handling Windows Messages the Delphi way!

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