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Free applications, with source code!
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Note: Due to the size, all the files are compressed with .zip extension to shorten your download time. After downloading specific file, you will need a program like PowerArchiver to decompress it.

Find the free source GRAPHICS applications you would like to see in action, listed below.

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by Peter Bone | e-mail

The code handles many of the operations envolved with handling 3D graphics from scratch. The code includes the following - Building general 3D models, rotating the model, translating the model, rendering the model, flat shading, gouraud shading (much better quality for curved surfaces), lighting, perspective projection, backface removal, etc. Everything is in the form of a class that must be created for each 3D model. This means that the code is very easy to use and it is not nesaccary to understand how it works to be able to use it to create your own 3D graphics. This code could be used for the creation of 3D games. There is a project included, which demostrates how the code can be used to create a 3D juggling club that can be rotated and moved with the mouse.

[10 Kb]

by Phil Gilmore | e-mail

Got Glyphs? Convert all your bitmaps of any size or color depth to a 32x16 2-image glyph, suitable for Delphi and CppBuilder BitBtn controls or speedbuttons. Convert 1500 BMPs in under a minute. Use with an ICO2BMP program for a great selection of hi-color glyphs.

[15 Kb]

by Denys Khanzhyyev | e-mail

Vis_dens visualizatuion plug-in for Winamp
Visualizatuion plug-in for Winamp with source. Writen and tested on D4 Winamp v2.7.

[178 Kb]

by Richard Spindler | e-mail

Ritschiskin is an application that creates Skins for the MP3 Player Winamp.

[97 Kb]

by Cevahir Parlak | e-mail

Scientific calculator with function drawing feature.

[245 Kb]

by The GSG | e-mail

TV Program
TV application for Windows 9x or Windows NT include the SRC. It supports over 35 TV-cars. Also capturing is avaiable.

TV Program
[252 Kb]

by Don | e-mail

Screen Saver: iCandy
iCandy is a screen saver that lets you rotate any combination of .bmp, .wmf, .ico, .emf, and .jpg files. You can cycle pictures in alphabetical order or randomly at the interval of your choice. All images are displayed in their original size in the middle of the screen, surrounded by an optional thin frame or full scren. Should you have an audio CD in your CD-ROM drive, you can select to have the program play it when the screen saver kicks in.

[136 Kb]

by Zarko Gajic, your Guide | e-mail | member page

Resolution changer
When developing Windows software that is to be distributed to a wide variety of personal computers, it's often useful to have some kind of routine that will allow us to get not only the current display settings but to get and set all possible device modes of the display device.

Resolution changer
[2.5 Kb]

by A. Farrell | e-mail

RGB Colour Picker
A colour sampling program. Click the 'Pick From Screen' button and it will display the colour under the mouse cursor. Click again to 'pick up' that colour. The output is shown as 3 trackbars representing the red, green and blue components of the colour, and there are two labels showing the colour as hex(HTML) and decimal. There are also options for point sample, which is the colour of the pixel directly under the cursor, 3x3 average sample, which is an average of the 9 pixels around the cursor, and similarly a 5x5 average sample. When using the 3x3 or 5x5 average, a magnified version of the pixels being sampled is displayed in a panel on the form. NOTE: uses a modified TTrackBar component called TThinTrackbar.

RGB Colour Picker
[18.4 Kb]

by A. Farrell | e-mail

Screen Magnifier
As the name suggests, a program for magnifying the area of the screen under the mouse cursor. Allows multiple zoom levels (1x to 12x), cursor position square, variable update speed and position anchoring. The anchor feature lets you monitor a particular area of the screen independent of the cursor position. The difference between the two versions is that the first one was written using the Delphi VCL, and the second was written entirely using the Windows API, hence the 72K .EXE size. Note that the VCL version uses DelphiX, for a really fast update speed. NOTE: the VCL version uses a modified TTrackBar component called TThinTrackbar.

[18.0 Kb]
[19.3 Kb]

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