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Delphi 3 Example Book
by Wallace, Nathan

Publisher: Wordware Publishing inc.  Buy it Now!
ISBN: 1556224907
Format: Hardcover, 851 pp.

Nathan Wallace is an experienced Delphi programmer and consultant in Denver, Colorado. He has been writing best-selling computer books since 1994, and is considered to be one of the computer book industry's top Delphi authors.

Nathan Wallace's Delphi 3 Example Book provides a well-organized resource for programmers and developers writing application software in Borland's Delphi. Wallaces's book covers all the new features (clearly identified) of Delphi version 3, including ActiveX development objects, the massively argumented Run Time Library (RTL), and the many new objects like the Registry. Special attention is given to the new CGI and ISAPI application types which permit creating Web server applications as well as standard executables.

Every property, method and event in almost every component, major object, and application is given a full explanation and a syntax example.

Instead of sorting through dozen of complex and sometime confusing online help topics, you can simply locate the Run Time Library function, Visual Component Library component, or Application reference examples you are interested in, and you will find clear and concise explanations of what the item in question does, what known bugs or problems exist with it, and a guaranted working snippet or focused sample code.

This book is intended for anyone who is interested in using Delphi, from a complete beginner to an advanced expert. Anyone can use this book, provided they are at least familiar with the syntax of Object Pascal as a language, know the basic mechanics of using the Delphi IDE, and know something about Windows programming.

Mr. Wallace has supplied chapters covering several of the VCL component tabs and objects as HTML files on the CD-ROM. While the HTML files are a disappointment in comparison to the quality of the rest of the book, the usefulness of the collected data is excellent. The CD contains "nothing" in the way of source code, apart from many projects comprising of one form, and one button - which links to a dead web-site. The example files provided for each chapter are a minor disappointment. The component examples reviewed were nothing more than the component placed on a form.

However, Nathan Wallace's Delphi 3 Example Book belongs on the desk of all serious Delphi programmers to write notes, carefully highlight often-used methods, mark pages with Post-Its for a current project and so on. This book also works well for a fuzzy search, when you have an idea of the general category you want to research.

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