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Developer's Guide to Delphi Troubleshooting
by Clay Shannon

Publisher: Wordware Publishing inc.  Buy it Now!
ISBN: 1556226470
Format: Paperback, 495pp.

Clay Shannon's "Developer's Guide to Delphi Troubleshooting" is a great time saver for troubleshooting Delphi problems. It stands as a comprehensive reference to error messages in the Delphi development environment, with an emphasis on design-time errors, compile-time errors, and run-time errors. It offers quick solutions to more than 600 error messages you may receive while developing in Delphi.

Error messages are listed in alphabetical order, and include an explanation of what actions and omissions may have caused the error message, how to quickly resolve the problem, and how to avoid receiving the error message.

You certainly won't use this book everyday, but when a mysterious error does occur you'll be glad you have the book. Not only does it identify what's causing the error message, it offers quick fix solutions and examples to get you up an running as fast as possible.

The book price is a little higher, but once the book has quickly solved one or two problems for you that might otherwise have taken hours, it will have paid for itself.

This book is appropriate for all levels of Delphi programmers, especially experienced developers, and is applicable to all versions of Delphi. The CD-ROM includes the entire book in electronic form for easy reference; it also includes freeware programs written in Delphi.

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