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The Tomes of Delphi: WIN32 Multimedia API
by Alan C. Moore

Publisher: Wordware Publishing inc.  
ISBN: 1556226667
Format: Paperback, 600pp

Alan C. Moore, Ph.D., is a professor of music at Kentucky State University where he teaches music theory and composition. He has also been programming with Borland languages since the 1980s, and is a contributing editor of Delphi Informant, for which he writes the File|New column. He specializes in writing educational software and multimedia tools and components in Delphi.

The Tomes of Delphi: Win32 Multimedia API provides a comprehensive reference for using Windows multimedia API functions to incorporate multimedia in Delphi applications. It introduces auxilary services that provide access to devices such as CD-ROMs. Timing devices (to help schedule timer events with great precision) and joysticks (as a alternative to keyboard and mouse) are also covered.

The book begins with two chapters on the role of audio in the Windows environment and building a multimedia database application. The author then covers in depth the various Win32 multimedia/audio APIs and their functions, including: the Wave API, the MIDI API, the Mixer API the MCI API.

Each function entry contains the syntax, a description of what the function does, a list and description of parameters, acceptable constant values, return values, and an example of its use in Delphi’s Object Pascal. Additional examples demonstrate several functions and their relationships.

The book is aimed toward intermediate Delphi developers with a level of Windows API programming.

The companion CD includes all of the code from the book, of course. Additionally, it includes some audio freeware and shareware programs and components showing more examples of using the multimedia APIs.

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