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Delphi Quickies Contest - Article Submission Guidelines

Do you have some Delphi code you want to share? Are you interested in winning a prize for your work?
Article Submission Guidelines
It's simple, it's easy, it's the Delphi Quickies Contest! Join now to win prizes by sharing your expertise in Delphi programming.

Why share code?
It's all about sharing code with other Delphi developers - a great way to not only help others, but also to help yourself in becoming a better programmer. Your sumbission encourages other Delphi developers to share their code, which in turn gives you FREE access to an even larger knowledge base of free source code. But wait, you can even get rewarded for your work!
This is your chance to show the world what a Delphi developer can do!

What to write about?
It's simple, write about anything related to Delphi - we all have some libraries of Delphi code we've developed for ourselves - share those ideas. If you are a database developer write about using data aware components. If you are a game developer write about DirectX, OpenGL, etc. In general, write about what you do best with Delphi - help others grasp new knowledge and others will help you. Write about tricky problems that you solved while developing your Delphi solutions, it makes great reading and helps others solve similar problems.

Are there some rules?
Yes, we have Official Contest Rules. Here are a few:
. you are free to submit an article that is already hosted at another site, provided you own the copyright on that article.
. all entries are controlled by a real person (the About Delphi Programming Guide) before going live on this site.

How to add an article?
In general, you will be provided with an HTML template for use when submitting articles for this Contest. Your entry should include Delphi code, along with the description of what the code does. You are encouraged to include a small screen shot and a small demo application if appropriate. Be sure to include your full name and email address. When you are ready, go to the Contest submission page.

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