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Hot Forum Topics - Summer 2002
Collection of hot topics developers were discussing on the Delphi Programming Forum, the place where all the questions are answered and beginners are treated as experts.
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Delphi Programming Forum
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The summer is over, holidays are over. Let's see what were the hotest topics developers were discussing on the Delphi Programming Forum.

Delphi Programming Forum is an extension to this site where developers come to post their views, or look for guidance on the questions and issues that matter to Delphi programming.

   Beginners Corner
How do I install a .Dcu component?
I downloaded a component and all I found in the zip was a dcu file. The problem is that when I try to install it, delphi acuses a "line too long" as it tries to read the dcu as a pas file...
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File and directory finding routines
What routines can be used to search for files and directories? I want to write an app. that searches all my hard drives for program files (.com .exe and so on) and stores file names, paths and file sizes in a database. The only problem I have is that I don't know how to search for files...
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   General Discussion
Explorer Right Mouse Button Menu
How can I make a new menu entry in the Explorer_rm_button_menu? E.g. from ZipCentral (btw. the best freeware Zip Util): Add to Source Code Explorer.zip...
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Registration Code / Password protection
First time I want to create a "registration process" for a program. Is it recommended to make one "serial" number to be entered for the registration, or should one use maybe a registration name for building a key number? Are there examples around how to build such a thing? Are there components around (key generator etc.)?...
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   Database Related
Delphi with MySQL
I started to learn MySQL with Delphi database application. How can I write database application to access MySQL database? I'll apreciate if someone can provide an example...
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TThread and Database Reading
What I'm trying to do is to setup about 10 or 20 threads to handle reading and processing of a dataset. The situation is that I'm importing very large files so the extra time taken on the next command as it seeks and finds the record on the hard drive is an overhead so I was thinking that if I setup multi threading on it, then each thread could be handling it's own reading and processing at the same time so that it should be faster.
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   Graphics and Multimedia
Scan for a color on a bitmap
Is there a way to scan for a color on a bitmap and then represent the X & Y cordinates like two integer values for the first pixel found in that color (example: red)...
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Creating a MP3 player
"Just for the records: to code a MP3 player with Delphi we have several possibilities. First: we could write a program that remotely controls another application like the WinAmp player. Second: we could use some third-party MP3 component like XAudio; and third: we could use DirectX with IMediaControl to build a player..."
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   Network, Internet, HTML
ShellExecute Over IP !
Does anybody knows how can i execute a command file (it is a .bat file) that is placed to another PC (in a LAN)? I have used ShellExecute but the problem is that the file is executed to my PC (to the PC that the Delphi app is) and not to the PC where this file is (and this is not what i want!).Any idea??
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Using WebBrowser to save HTML
Is there any way programatically to save the contents of a page to a file using webbrowser. Don't tell me to rightclick and use save /save as option....
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