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Delphi: THE Windows Development Tool

Dateline: 10/27/98

For a few days I was wondering what would be the best article to start with. Overview of some new components, books, hot tips... ? Finaly I decided: The best is to start with some quotations about Delphi (all other topics can wait until next week).

The year is 1995, Borland (now Inprise) published Delphi 1: "Delphi is the only Windows development tool to combine the Rapid Application Development (RAD) benefits of visual component-based design with the power of an optimizing native code compiler and scalable database access".

Years were passing and Delphi further distanced itself from the competition :"If you like Delphi, you'll love this new version. And if you don't use Delphi, its new features are sure make you a convert." (PC Magazine)

Now the year is 1998 and Delphi 4 leads the way: "ANY DATA, ANY TIME, ANYWHERE", Here is just a small look at new features: "Delphi now includes Windows 98 controls for state of the art UI development. With Dockable support you can easily integrate sophisticated Toolbar and Windows Docking into your applications with little or no code. The Control Bar makes it easy to build user interfaces with the look and feel of Microsoft Office97, and Action Lists separate user interface activity from application logic thereby reducing lines of code and increasing both reusability and robustness. You also get components to support Windows 98 features such as MonthCalendar, PageScroller, and Flat Scrollbars. Awarded for technical excellence worldwide, Delphi is the fastest, most productive Windows development tool."

For other quotes about Delphi point your browser to "What the Press are Saying about Delphi". Don't miss Delphi awards.

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