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Your powerful presentation - Turbo Demo
Sooner or later you'll realize that only developing *the* best application for your users is not enough. Your next step is creating demos and tutorials as well as rich online presentations. This article provides an overview of Turbo Demo, a tool that let's you create professional online and offline demos/tutorials in just a few minutes.
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Are you a component developer? A shareware author? Do you have a commercial Delphi application you are trying to sell over the Internet?
Looking for the easiest and yet the most powerful way of creating demos for your software projects? Online demos? Offline demos? Need to explain how software, IT-solutions, Web sites and devices function? Flash? Java? Avi?
Tired of writing help files for your applications? Nobody ever reads them? Do your users ask for movies with sound - so that they can "feel" and "taste" your application before they actually buy it?

If you answered "Yes" on any of the above questions, you are reading the right article!

Turbo Demo - Your powerful presentation
With TurboDemo you will be able to create professional online and offline demos/tutorials in just a few minutes. This powerful and easy-to-use program let's you create fantastic interactive demos, tutorials, software simulations and movies in just minutes. Turbo Demo helps user (authors) to create Flash, Java, Exe, AVI and Standalone Demos/Tutorials.
Turbo Demo at run-time

Turbo Demo allows your business to function more effectively, aids your employees in becoming more knowledgeable and enables you to better satisfy your customers. It also ensures that your on-line support infrastructure will be more flexible and efficient.

TurboDemo - create amazing demos in just a few minutes
What I love the most is how easy and straightforward TurboDemo is. You can create your first interactive demo in less than 10 minutes - and what's more the online playback file size starts from only 100 KB (yes, it's quite easy to publish your demo to the Internet - a wizard will do all the work for you). To create a demo, you work with your applications as if you are the end user, while taking screenshots of every step and screen change.
When you are done, Turbo Demo lets you author and annotate each image by adding descriptive notes, interactive "click" zones, sound (voice and background music), animated objects, and much more.

If you want more for your software advertisement your solution is Turbo Demo: where animated demos/tutorials for any topic can be compiled simply and quickly and then made available on the Internet. By doing so you will be able to market your products much more effectively and at the same time, increase your sales.
Notice also tha big size companies don't allow employees to download software, therefore a demo to present your software and show visitors on your web site is actually a must have.

A demo is worth a thousand words!
There is no way to describe how powerful Turbo Demo is. If you want to create any kind of instructional help or demonstration, this application is an absolute must to have. I strongly suggest you to visit Turbo Demo home page and give it a try.
And yes, Turbo Demo is developed using Delphi.

~ Zarko Gajic

All graphics (if any) in this feature created by Zarko Gajic.

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