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Free code applications
Articles about creating full featured Windows applications. Step by step with code.

Spell Checking with MS Word
Why buy spell checking components or write them from scratch when you can easily use MS Word? Find out how to add spell checking and thesaurus capabilities to your Delphi application using the MS Word Object Library.

Creating Notepad - Menus
Adding menu support to MyNotepad. Part 3.

Creating Notepad - Find and Replace
Improving MyNotepad with Find and Replace dialog boxes. How to create my own Notepad using Delphi. Part 2.

Creating Notepad - Open and Save
Working with common dialog boxes Open and Save. How to create my own Notepad using Delphi. Part 1.

Disk in drive A:
Some useful routines when playing with floppy disk and Delphi.

Exploring Directories and Files
Delphi For Beginners: Creating custom file-selection and directory-navigation forms (dialogs) with file system components.

MDI Development in Delphi. Part I.
Constructing "multiple document interface" application with Delphi. Examining MDI parent/child relationship, menus and some most important MDI parent form properties.

MDI Development in Delphi. Part II.
Creating a multiple document interface graphic file viewer.

Resource Files Made Easy
How Delphi uses standard Windows-format resource files.

Your first MP3 Delphi player
See how to build a full-blown mp3 player with Delphi in just a few seconds. Even more: get the ID3 tag information from a mp3 file and change it!

How to write application that is able to zoom in portion of your desktop screen.

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