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Adding some spice to Object Pascal
Articles about improving your code. Using Delphi more efficiently.

Accessing protected members of a component
Many Delphi components have useful properties and methods that are marked invisible ("protected") to a Delphi developer. In this article you will find the workaround to this problem - thus enabling you to access a DBGrid's RowHeights property, for example.

Auto completing Dates
Date manipulation: improve your code, let them type faster.

Base Conversions, and more
Routines for converting Int to Bin, Int to Hex, Int to Roman and vice versa.

Before you start optimizing Delphi code
How to make sure that the Murphy's law: "Any program will expand to fill available memory" does not apply to your Delphi applications.

An overview of creating and using 'Borland package libraries' and how they compare with 'dynamic link libraries' in creating smaller Delphi applications.

Class Methods
Class procedures/functions. What they are and how to find a practical use for them.

Compiler version directives
Preparing to code with no barriers. See how to overcome the compiler version problem: compiling Delphi code with various Delphi versions.

Decompiling Delphi
Whispering about reverse engineering Delphi applications: 'I have a Delphi program's .exe, can I decompile it and get the source?'

Design Patterns in Delphi
Exploring design patterns in real programming, focusing on implementation issues in Delphi.

Dynamic World of Packages
See how to store a Delphi form inside a BPL. Find out about dynamically embedding forms into an application - building applications your users can modify at runtime.

Dynamic Link Libraries and Delphi
Everything you ever wanted to know about DLLs and Delphi but didn't know where to look for answers (or were to afraid to ask).

Dragging and Dropping
Monitoring Mouse Activity - Part 3/3. Handling drag and drop in Delphi.

Easter Eggs
Looking for some hidden fun in Delphi? Find out what are Easter Eggs and how to add them to your applications.

Using the Enter key like a Tab key with Delphi controls.

Errors and Exceptions
How to handle errors and exceptions in Delphi.

Experts and Wizards
How "magic" can extend and enhance the way we work with the Delphi IDE.

Exploring Directories and Files
Delphi For Beginners: Creating custom file-selection and directory-navigation forms (dialogs) with file system components.

Get and Set Display Device Modes
Changing the display mode settings (resolution and color depth) from Delphi code.

Inside the EXE
Storing more that just code in the application executable file. Working with resources from Delphi. How to embed a WAV, AVI and an MP3 file in a Delphi executable.

Learning Assembler with Delphi
Delphi has always included a built-in assembler, but how to use it? This article, sought to introduce a subset of 8086 instructions and show, by example, how they might be used.

Look Ma, I've found a BUG
How do you know if a bug in your Delphi application is really yours? Windows applications are NOT bug-free; Delphi is no exception to this rule.

Mysterious Delphi
Uncovering hidden Delphi features. See how to set up some secret registry settings that change the standard behavior of the Delphi IDE.

Owner and Parent
The differences between a component Owner and its Parent - briefly explained.

Pointers in Delphi
An introduction to pointer data type in Delphi. What are pointers, why, when and how to use them.

Recursions in Delphi
Writing and using recursive functions in Object Pascal.

Resource Files Made Easy
How Delphi uses standard Windows-format resource files: icons, bitmaps and cursors.

Resize me Gently
What to keep in mind when scaling Delphi applications (forms) on different screen resolutions.

Run with Parameters
How to pass command-line parameters to your Delphi application and how to handle them.

Running Flash animations with Delphi
How to display Macromedia Flash animations (swf) inside a Delphi application. Grasp the fundamentals of integrating Macromedia Flash animations and Delphi.

RTL Unleashed
Help yourself, increase your productivity and simplify coding using functions and procedures built into Delphi.

Size and Speed: Top Tricks
Useful tips to make your Delphi programs run faster.

Splash Screens
How to add a splash screen to your Delphi application.

The fastest path to Delphi localization
How to change the captions on [Yes], [No], [Cancel] and similar buttons that appear on dialog and message boxes in Delphi applications. Plus how to personalize error, warning and other messages in those dialogs.

Traveling Label
Spice up your user interface with a marquee style text. Use marquee style text to display scrolling text that you want to catch your Delphi program users' attention.

TScreen Object Demystified
Coding the TScreen object, obtainer of all information about the current state of the screen in a Delphi application.

Your application will be shut down!
Access violations, invalid page faults, general protection faults; the name changes, but the nature of the problem is always the same. Find the solution to your Delphi AVs.

Web Site inside a Delphi EXE
How to store Web-style content inside a Delphi application.

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