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Ordinal and Enumerated Data Types (Delphi For Beginners)
Many of Delphi's built-in data types, such as Integer or String, can be refined or combined to create new data types. In this article we'll see how to create custom ...
Understanding and Using Record Data Types in Delphi - About.com
Essentially, a record data structure can mix any of Delphi's built in types including any ... Listening to the Clipboard: Clipboard Delphi Spy with Custom Clipboard ...
Understanding and Using Array data types in Delphi - About.com
The concept of arrays in Delphi is simple: arrays allow us to refer to a series of ... are values that are all of the same type (string, integer, record, custom object).
Creating Custom Delphi Components, Part III - Page 1/4 - About.com
Although the object inspector built into Delphi is able to recognise most property types, it is impossible for it to be able to deal with every possible custom type we  ...
Creating Custom Delphi Components, Part II - Page 3/5 - About.com
Binary properties. Sometimes it is necessary to write your own streaming routines to read and write custom property types (This is how Delphi reads / writes the ...
Creating Custom Delphi Components, Part II - Page 4/5 - About.com
Collections are one of the most complex "standard" Delphi property types. If you drop a TDBGrid onto a form and look at its properties in the Object Inspector, you  ...
Creating Custom Delphi Components, Part II - Page 5/5 - About.com
These components often need to either reference other components, have custom property data formats, or have a property that owns a list of values rather than ...
Delphi: Store More Custom Data Into Tree Node
The TTreeView Delphi component displays a hierarchical list of items - tree nodes. A node is ... Store More (Custom) Data Into The Tree Node Of A Tree View .
Understanding and Using Attributes in Delphi - About.com
Attributes are a language feature in Delphi that allows annotating types and type ... To declare your own custom attribute, you derive it from a special predefined ...
Understanding Delphi SET Type - Expert Guide - About.com
In the above example, the TMagicNumber is a custom subrange type allowing variables of the ... Delphi ordinal types include character and boolean values.
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