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History of Delphi From Pascal to Embarcadero Delphi XE 2
Concise descriptions of Delphi versions and its history, along with a brief list of features and notes. Find out how Delphi evolved from Pascal to a RAD tool that ...
Why Delphi? - About.com
Check out Delphi history. When creating GUI applications with Delphi, you have all the power of a true compiled programming language (object pascal on ...
Flavors of Delphi - Understand Delphi Versions and Pick your ...
Delphi's roots lie in Pascal - a strongly typed language invented decades ago. Read the Delphi History article to find out how Delphi evolved in the last 12 years .
Temple of Apollo at Delphi - Ancient-Greece.org
It is an imposing temple of the Doric order whose existence was woven through the turbulent history of the site, and endured numerous incarnations before it ...
Delphi Profile: Oracle, Sacred Spring, and History of Delphi, Greece
Delphi is one of the most well-known spots in ancient Greece, made famous by the Delphic Oracle which was believed to have the power to tell the future.
A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Programming - About.com
Free online programming course for beginner Delphi developers. By Zarko Gajic ... Recommended reading: Delphi history – from (Turbo) Pascal to Delphi 2005.
Delphi Compiler Version Directives: {$IFDEF VER180} - About.com
See how to overcome the compiler version problem: compiling Delphi code for various Delphi ... Delphi History – from Pascal to Embarcadero Delphi XE 2.
About Delphi Programming - for Novice Developers and First Time ...
Also, don't miss Delphi History! If you are confused about different Delphi versions (Delphi Starter, Delphi XE2, RAD Studio), read the "Flavors of Delphi" article ...
Fun, Info and Humor - Delphi - About.com
Delphi History – from Pascal to Embarcadero Delphi XE 2 ... CodeRage 6 - Delphi XE 2 and FireMonkey: 17-21 October 2011 · CodeRage 6 - a FREE multi- day ...
An Introduction to COM Programming with Borland Delphi - About.com
An Introduction to COM Programming with Delphi. COM stands for Component Object ... A brief historical rundown on COM's glorious past. Abstract methods vs.
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