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String Types in Delphi (Delphi For Beginners) - About.com
Understanding and managing string data types in Delphi's Object Pascal. Learn about differences between Short, Long, Wide and null-terminated strings.
Delphi Enum to String - About.com
Delphi Enum to String. ... Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. Here's how to display the string represention of a Delphi enum type at runtime.
Delphi Record Helpers For Sets And Other Simple Types (String ...
In XE3 Delphi version, record helpers became more powerful by allowing to extend simple Delphi types like strings, integers, enums, sets and alike. Here's a  ...
Understanding and Using Record Data Types in Delphi - About.com
Learn about records, Delphi's data structure that can mix any of Delphi's built ... We need string for names and e-mails, but an integer for the number of uploads.
Understanding and Using Array data types in Delphi - About.com
The concept of arrays in Delphi is simple: arrays allow us to refer to a series of ... Elements of the array are values that are all of the same type (string, integer, ...
Type conversion routines - Delphi Programming - About.com
Type conversion routines: rtl reference delphi code free delphi delphi programming ... Converts a string of hexadecimal digits to its binary representation.
Delphi String to Enum - About.com
Delphi String to Enum. ... to our privacy policy for contact information. Here's how to get the value of an enumerated type constant given its string representation.
How to Declare and Initialize Constant Arrays in Delphi - About.com
Sometimes you need to declare a constant array in Delphi - a read-only array. ... type TShopItem = record Name : string; Price : currency; end; const Days ...
Creating a Delphi Form from a String - About.com
Here's how to create an instance of a Delphi form, from its name. Example: if a string 'TMyForm' is provided, a new form of type TMyForm should be created ...
Understanding and Using Pointers in Delphi - About.com
Most of the parameters in calling API functions are pointers to some data type. As stated above, we use null-terminated strings in Delphi when calling Windows ...
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