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BPL vs. DLL - Delphi - About.com
DLL. Programming with run-time packages. By Zarko Gajic. Share this ... Find out about dynamically embedding forms into an application from runtime packages ...
Delphi memory manager problems in dynamic libraries (Page 1/2)
An info on Delphi memory allocation and dynamic-link libraries (DLL). ... dynamic link libraries · resource dlls · embeding forms in dlls · memory management ...
DLL (dynamic link library) programming and Delphi - About.com
Sep 4, 2003 ... ARTICLES :: A Dynamic Link library, or DLL, is a collection of routines that ... Find out about dynamically embedding forms into an application ...
Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory
To use a DLL stored inside a Delphi application executable file, the DLL first ... RES) files, you can embed (and use) sound files, video clips, animations and ...
Dynamic World of Packages - page 1/3 - Delphi - About.com
Find out about dynamically embedding forms into an application - building applications your users can modify at runtime. As stated in the BPL vs. DLL article  ...
Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and Delphi - About.com
Learn how to place a Delphi MDI child form into a dynamic link library (DLL) and how to display the child form inside an MDI parent window. Surprise: this is only ...
Storing Resources into Delphi Executables - About.com
How to embed a WAV, AVI and an MP3 file in a Delphi executable. ... executable consider placing resources and parts of your project in DLLs and Packages. ... Following the given format the AboutDelphi.rc script lists two .wav files, one .avi ....
PDF Managing Tools for Delphi - About.com
Need to create, encrypt or manage PDF (Portable Document Format) files from Delphi? ... VisPDF does not use any DLL or other software to create PDF files. ... PDF security, font embedding, different font charsets, document compression are  ...
How to use SQLite from a C# Application - About.com
A csv file is just a text file with data in a comma delimited format. idfriend, firstname,lastname,age 0,David ... SQLite.dll. Click ok to select it (in the Add Reference ...
Delphi Programming - Adding some spice to Object Pascal
Find out about dynamically embedding forms into an application - building ... Everything you ever wanted to know about DLLs and Delphi but didn't know where ...
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