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Executing and Running Applications and Files from Delphi Code
How many times have you wanted to execute some program from your Delphi application? Let's say we have a database application that uses some external ...
Registering DLL and ActiveX controls from code - Delphi - About.com
Start - Run) to register and unregister OLE controls such as dynamic link library ( DLL) or ActiveX Controls (OCX) files that are self-registerable. ... on your user machine than you need to make sure the user has the ocx you (your program) need.
Running Ruby Scripts--Executing rb Files - About.com
Learn how to use the command line interface on Windows, Linux and OS X to run rb files and use the interactive Ruby program.
Executing Python Program Files: Do It With a Bang (Line) - About.com
Programming live may be fun, but the real perks of Python programming are found in executing program files. Here is how to use a bang line.
Use 'Run As' To Execute Programs As Administrator - Security
By using the 'Run As' option in Microsoft Windows, you can still execute programs with ... Or To Run Programs and Access Files As A Different User.
Executing a Python Program: Shell or File?
Programming is pointless if you cannot run, or execute, the program you write. Executing a Python program tells the Python interpreter to convert the Python ... Python App · Top 4 Ways to Work With Files in Python · Reading a Single L...
Write And Run Your First Script - About Perl
This step-by-step will get you to install Perl and run your first script in the time it takes to drink a cup of ... All you need to write Perl programs is a text editor.
List of Control Panel Command Line Commands - PC Support
Each Control Panel applet can be opened by executing a command, you just have to .... [2] WinColor.exe must be run from the C:\Program Files\Pro Imaging ...
gs - Linux Command - Unix Command
... of Adobe Systems' PostScript(tm) and Portable Document Format (PDF) languages. gs reads "files" in sequence and executes them as Ghostscript programs.
Opening Files - Nautilus File Manager - Linux - About.com
If you open an executable text file, that is, one that Nautilus considers can be run as a program, then you will be asked what you want to do: run it, or display it in ...
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