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Resource Files Made Easy (in Delphi applications) - About.com
Icons, glyphs. Resources Bitmaps, icons, cursors, string tables. ... Bitmaps, cursors and icons stored in RES files can be retrieved by using the API functions  ...
Use an Icon for a Glyph on a TBitBtn Delphi control with the help of ...
If you need to display an icon (ICO) file on a BitBtn, you can use the GetBitmap ... Download Icons and Glyphs · How to Convert a Bitmap to a Cursor · How to ...
Resource Managers - Delphi - About.com
The Resource-Grabber will scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all Bitmaps, Button images ("Glyphs"), Icons, Cursors, JPG/JPEG ...
Customizing the DBNavigator - Delphi - About.com
Enhancing the TDBNavigator component with modified graphics (glyphs), custom button captions, and more. ... Glyphs and Icons .... "see" the state of the control keys and even the position of the cursor above the particular button when cli...
console_codes - Linux Command - Unix Command
... other than writing a glyph at the current cursor location) on the Linux console. .... The kernel knows about 4 translations of bytes into console-screen symbols.
Understanding ScreenToClient and ClientToScreen Delphi VCL ...
CursorPos returns the position of the mouse cursor in screen coordinates. ... Use an Icon for a Glyph on a TBitBtn Delphi control with the help of TImageList
Macromedia Director: Mouse Rollover, lingo script, mouse rollover
Aug 15, 2006 ... Refer to the site below for an entire listing of cursor icons: - ... Use an Icon for a Glyph on a TBitBtn Delphi control with the help of TImageList ...
Delphi Graphics Programming - About.com
OpenGL (6); Icons and Glyphs (7). Picture file ... Here's how to take a screen shot of the Desktop window including the mouse cursor, using Delphi code. Share ...
Essential Delphi Tools, Utilities and Resources - About.com
Various development tools and utilities for Delphi, to help you code better and faster.
Working with GIF images in Delphi - About.com
You'll need the GIF image's "magic numbers"; Show GIF graphics as Glyph on a ... Desktop Screen Shot using Delphi Code · Where to Find Glyphs and Icons for ...
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