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Exchanging Data over the Network using Delphi - About.com
Windows Sockets or Winsock is an open interface for network programming under Microsoft Windows. Winsock provides a set of functions, data structures... etc ...
Exchanging Data over the Network using Delphi - Part2 - About.com
Whoa - more than 60 component expecially designed to support network programming with Delphi. If you have Delphi versions prior to Delphi 6 do not get  ...
Delphi Network and Internet Programming (Directory) - About.com
Delphi Network / Internet programming knowledge base. If you need help on ActiveX, ASP, XML, CGI, WWW, HTML, FTP, TCP, Sockets ... this is the place with  ...
Network Programming - Networking - About.com
Did you know that network programming is the use of software APIs and development tools to build network-aware applications? Windows, Mac and Unix/ Linux ...
Sockets and socket programming - introduction to sockets
An essential network programming concept. A socket is one of the most fundamental technologies of computer networking. Sockets allow applications to  ...
Programming Python - Networking - Network Programming in Python
While most programming is done with local resources in mind (i.e., your computer ), Python is more than able to pull data from the furthest reaches of the globe ...
API - Application Programming Interface - Networking - About.com
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide controlled access to ... Web APIs like XML-RPC have emerged as newer network programming standards.
Socket Programming for Computer Networks
Network programmers typically use socket libraries like Berkeley Sockets or Winsock ... Definition: Sockets are the fundamental technology for programming ...
Python-Powered Port Scanner - About Python
Port scanning is a valuable facility for network programming as well as security testing for your network. Here is how to build a port scanner in Python.
TCP/UDP Port 0 - Wireless / Networking
However, port 0 sometimes takes on a special meaning in network programming, particularly Unix socket programming. In that environment, port 0 is a ...
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