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Creating Custom Delphi Components - Inside and Out - Page 5/9
Constructors get called whenever you create an object. Their job is to set up the internals of the object (variables, pointers, dynamic memory, etc.) as appropriate  ...
Accessing an Object and its Data - Delphi OOP Part 4 / Chapter 9
From example 4.2 it may seem that a constructor is optional. We can either use the default constructor inherited from the superclass and when initialise the ...
Accessing an Object and its Data - Delphi OOP Part 4 / Chapter 8
In this chapter we look at creating and freeing an object and explore the concept of a constructor and a destructor. We'll look at Get and Set access methods and ...
Functions and Object Constructors - JavaScript - About.com
Functions and object constructors are very similar in JavaScript, it all depends on how you call it.
The Constructor Method - Java - About.com
The constructor method is called when a new instance of an object is created. Using the example of a Person object I'll be discussing how to create constructor  ...
JavaScript By Example - Object Oriented: Constructor Functions
In JavaScript, all functions are also objects. Whether the function behaves like a function or behaves like an object constructor depends on how you call it.
Dot Notation and "this" - JavaScript - About.com
When we create an object using an object constructor rather than just copying an existing object we have a function into which we can put some code that will be ...
Objects, Parameterized Constructors, Anonymous ... - Visual Basic
The With Keyword, Object Intialization, Anonymous Types and Parameterized Constructors are all covered well at Microsoft. But they don't cover the way that all  ...
Defining Objects with JSON - JavaScript - About.com
All that you need to do to convert any object constructor into JSON is to use the {} notation to create the new object and then define the properties of the new ...
JavaScript By Example - Object Oriented: Borrowing A Constructor
By using apply or call we can borrow the constructor function from a different object to create a part of a new object for us.
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