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Understanding and Using Pointers in Delphi - About.com
An introduction to pointer data type in Delphi. What are pointers, why, when and how to use them.
How to Use a Function or a Procedure as a Parameter in ... - Delphi
In Delphi, procedural types (method pointers) allow you to treat procedures and functions as values that can be assigned to variables or passed to other ...
Preserve The Value of a Value Type Pointer Parameter in Delphi ...
On procedureal pointers and callback functions. On value parameters in function calls. On pointers and simple types. On everything.
String Types in Delphi (Delphi For Beginners) - About.com
We use null-terminated strings in Delphi when calling Windows API functions. Object Pascal lets us avoid messing arround with pointers to zero-based arrays ...
The Many Faces of Delphi Functions and Procedures, Routines ...
Here's an overview of how and when and for what you can use various "types" of Delphi routines: functions and procedures, function and procedure pointers, ...
Simulating multicast events in Win32 Delphi - About.com
In Win32 Delphi OOP, only one method can be assigned as a handler to a ... class is designed to be used as a storage mechanism for an array of pointers.
Understanding Delphi's NIL value and the Assigned RTL Function
In Delphi, the NIL constant (also a reserved word) is a pointer value defined as ... Understanding and Using Pointers in Delphi · Creating Components ...
How to Store a String value to a Tag Property of a Delphi control
Every Delphi component exposes the Tag property which can be used to store an integer value as part of a ... Understanding and Using Pointers in Delphi.
Assigned function - Delphi - About.com
Delphi's Assigned function determines if the pointer or procedure referenced is not nil (assigned) ... Delphi. What are pointers, why, when and how to use them.
Be Aware Of Uninitialized Variables - Delphi - About.com
Take a look at your Delphi application, the one you are developing for many days (weeks, years) ... when you hit Compile - how many ... Nasty, Nasty Pointers!
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