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Resource Files Made Easy (in Delphi applications) - About.com
How Delphi uses standard Windows-format resource files: icons, bitmaps ... programming resource files · resource dlls · delphi graphics · icons / glyphs / cursors ...
Delphi memory manager problems in dynamic libraries (Page 1/2)
dynamic link libraries · resource dlls · embeding forms in dlls · memory ... Like units, DLLs contain sharable code or resources, they provide the ability for multiple ...
Coding for the World - part 2/2 - Delphi - About.com
This starts the Resource DLL wizard where we can select projects that are to be ... The Resource DLL wizard generates and manages resource DLLs for the ...
Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory
Here's how to load a DLL from a resource directly into memory and use it without saving it to the hard-drive. ... Loading DLLs From Resources From Memory.
Creating and Using DLLs from Delphi - About.com
Using Delphi, we can write and use our own DLLs, and we can call functions in ... Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory in Delphi Applications ...
Creating and using a resource only DLL with Delphi - About.com
Besides storing resource files inside an .EXE file, a Delphi developer can also create a dynamic link library containing only resources. Let's see how.
DLLs Made Simpler - Delphi - About.com
This article is aimed at removing the fear of writing DLLs for beginners. ... Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory in Delphi Applications · Using ...
Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and Delphi - About.com
Everything you ever wanted to know about DLLs and Delphi but didn't know where ... Here's how to store a DLL inside a Delphi program exe file as a resource.
Comparing Static and Dynamic DLL Loading With Delphi - About.com
What should be used when: static or dynamic loading of DLLs in Delphi. ... DLLs Made Simpler · Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory in Delphi ...
Windows XP Manifest in Delphi - About.com
The manifest is an XML document that must be included into the resource section of your executable. Typically this resource section is reserved for things like ...
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