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TTreeView - Delphi Usage Examples, Tips and Tricks - About.com
Delphi's tree view control, TTreeView, displays items in an indented outline - a hierarchical view of items. You can include icons with items' text labels and ...
Display Custom TTreeView Item Hints - Delphi - About.com
To display different hints for every node in a tree view, you need to change the Hint property of the TTreeView control depending on the item the mouse is over.
How to Display "Bold" Items in the TTreeView Delphi component
The TTreeView Delphi component displays a hierarchical list of items, such as the headings in a document. By default (Windows drawing), all items (tree nodes)  ...
TreeView with check boxes and radio buttons - Delphi - About.com
Article originally written by Peter Thörnqvist. Sample application by Zarko Gajic. The TTreeView Delphi component (located on the "Win32" component palette ...
Disable Automatic Hint Feature for the TTreeView Delphi control
By Windows design, when you hover your mouse over an item in a tree view, a hint (tooltip) window appears containing the title of the item under the mouse ...
Delphi: Store More Custom Data Into Tree Node
The TTreeView Delphi component displays a hierarchical list of items - tree nodes. A node is presented by node text and an optional image. In real-world ...
Exporting a TreeView to XML. Populating a TreeView from XML
Here's how to store TTreeView component items to XML (preserving the Text and other properties of a tree node) and how to populate a TreeView from an XML ...
Drag'n'Drop nodes inside TreeView - Delphi - About.com
Display Custom TTreeView Item Hints · Delphi Programming - Using, enhancing and writing components · TreeView with check boxes and radio buttons ...
Get TreeView Node By Text - Delphi - About.com
The iteration uses the GetNext method of the TTreeView class to look for the next node in the ATree (looks inside all nodes of all child nodes). If the Node with ...
Virtual Tree View - Delphi 3rd Party Open Source Component - How ...
Delphi comes with the TTreeView control - located on the "Win32" section of the tool palette. Defined in the ComCtrls unit, the TTreeView does a decent task of ...
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