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Virtual Key Codes - Delphi - About.com
Symbolic constant names, hexadecimal values, and keyboard equivalents for the virtual key codes used by Windows.
How to Translate a Virtual Key Code to a Character in Delphi ...
Windows defines special constants for each key the user can press. The virtual- key codes identify various virtual keys. In Delphi, the OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp  ...
Understanding and Processing Keyboard Events in Delphi
The Key parameter is the key on the keyboard and is used to pass by reference the value ... For non-alphanumeric keys, WinAPI virtual key codes can be used to  ...
Simulating keystrokes from code - Delphi - About.com
key : virtual keycode of the key to send. For printable keys this is simply the ANSI code (Ord(character)) . * shift : state of the modifier keys. This is a set, so you ...
How to translate a virtual-key to ASCII code - Delphi - About.com
Delphi tip: How to translate a virtual-key to ASCII code. ... for contact information. < Continued from page 2. Here's how to get the character from the virtual key:.
Make The Enter Key Work Like Tab in Delphi Applications - About.com
Pressing the Tab key moves the input focus to next control and Shift-Tab to previous in the tab ... Virtual Key Codes · How to Parse TAB Delimited Files in Delphi.
C++: case sensitive problems, upper case letters, microsoft visual c
Dec 10, 2004 ... ... character codes. A virtual key code represents a key on the keyboard and _not_ the character it would produce under current keyboard...
Setting up application wide hot key (keyboard short cut) - Delphi
Delphi tip: how to code application wide hot-key (keyboard short cut) in a Delphi application. ... More info: Virtual Key Codes · How to set system wide Hot Key for  ...
Intercepting Keyboard Input With Delphi - About.com
Windows calls your hook function for each keystroke message (key up and key .... Virtual Key Codes · How to Execute and Run Applications and Files with ...
What does #13#10 stand for, in Delphi code? - About.com
You've certainly seen "#13#10" many times in Delphi source code. If you are wondering ... Note: here's how to translate a virtual-key to ASCII code. Delphi tips  ...
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