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Delphi IDE (Code Editor) Keyboard Shortcuts


Note: this tip was originally posted by Adam Markowitz (Borland)

Every once in a while I'll come across a message from a developer who wasn't aware of a particular feature or keyboard shortcut that might ease some of their development pain. Following is a short list of convenient editor keyboard shortcuts for the default keybinding that is shipped with Delphi 2006. This not an exhaustive list, just the ones that I find are lesser known, yet still very convenient.

  • CTRL+J - Invoke code templates
  • CTRL+J - Invoke code templates
  • CTRL+T - Delete current word
  • CTRL+E - Incremental search
  • CTRL+Y - Delete current line
  • CTRL+SHIFT+G - Insert a new GUID at the cursor position
  • CTRL+SHIFT+I - Indent the current selected block
  • CTRL+SHIFT+U - outdent the current selected block
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Y - delete to the end of line
  • CTRL+SHIFT+J - Invoke syncedit
  • ALT+[ - match pair forward
  • ALT+] - match pair backward
  • ALT+RightArrow - browse forward (hotlink history)
  • ALT+LeftArrow - browse backward (hotlink history)
  • ALT+UpArrow - browse to symbol under editor cursor(invoke a hotlink and add it to the hotlink history)
  • F4 - Run program to current cursor position
  • F5 - Toggle breakpoint
  • F7 - Debugger step into
  • F8 - Debugger step over
  • F9 - Run program under debugger
  • CTRL+F12 - View units
  • ALT+G - Goto line number in editor
  • CTRL+SHIFT+R - Start/Stop recording editor macro
  • CTRL+SHIFT+P - Play editor macro
  • CTRL+SPACE - Invoke code completion
  • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE - Invoke code parameter hints
  • CTRL+ENTER - Open file at cursor
  • CTRL+SHIFT+C - Invoke class completion for the class that currently contains the cursor
  • CTRL+SHIFT+UpArrow - Navigate to method implementation/declaration
  • CTRL+SHIFT+DownArrow - Navigate to method implementation/declaration
  • CTRL+ALT+UpArrow - Navigate to previous method implementation in lexical order
  • CTRL+ALT+DownArrow - Navigate to next method implementation in lexical order
  • CTRL+ALT+Home - Navigate to the lexically first method implementation in this source unit
  • CTRL+ALT+End - Navigate to the lexically last method implementation in this source unit
  • CTRL+/ - Toggle comment per line or selected block
"May the editor shortcuts be with you and your coding be swift! ;)"

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