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Introduction to the Delphi Programming Glossary

Delphi in [A..Z]


"In this RAD environment, COM components are easily derived through inheritance and polymorphism ... class methods operate on a class rather than on specific instances of a class, that is on objects. In published and protected sections of a unit ..."

How many words/terms in the previous two sentences do you understand? Go to:

Delphi Programming Glossary

To make it easier for us to know what are we talking about, I have assembled a glossary of Delphi Programming terms. This is something in between a dictionary and an encyclopedia in the depth and breadth of its coverage. My goal is to tell you enough about the meaning of each word to understand it when I use it, and point you in what direction to go for more information. While I would love to say it is complete (can it be?), I'm constantly adding more to the glossary.

If there are any specific terms, or entire subject matters, that you would like to see in the glossary, ask for a Delphi term definition.

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