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Searching for Delphi related Resources on the Internet

Where and how to Search for Delphi related Resources on the Internet


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Programming is a 24 hour-a-day process and often leaves less time to search for the information required to stay current and become more proficient.

You code too much, with no spare time to learn more? Do you often sound like: "I need to solve this problem, but this *!?/ search engine pumps with everything but not Delphi related content..."

I'll present you with an easy, faster, of course free, way to make your Delphi Programming knowledge wider.

Search About Delphi Programming

You can search this Delphi Programming site or all of About.com for a specific programming task. Try it using the search box at the top of the page. Hint: Put phrases in double-quotation marks for better results (i.e. "protected hack"). Adding Delphi Programming Search capabilities to your page is easy!

About Delphi Programming Forum

You probably know that the Delphi Programming Forum is a place where you can your views, or look for guidance on the questions and issues that matter Delphi Programming. When searching doesn't work, you can always ask for help from online experts - if you need some ready-code this may be the best-first place to look. Remember Delphi Programming Forum is a place where all the questions are answered and beginners are treated as experts.

Google Delphi Code Searc

Google Delphi Code Search
Google Code Search helps you find function definitions and sample code by giving you a place to search publicly accessible source code hosted on the Internet. Google Code Search supports regular expressions.

The Delphi Search

The Delphi Search
Based on the Google Co-op the Delphi code search is customized to provide Delphi related search results from a dozen of Delphi web sites.

Delphi Search Engine and Directory

This Delphi Search engine is a kind of a meta search. There are more than 25 search categories to help you narrow down your search-problem. You simply add a site by adding it to the Open Directory project. The site gives us the possibility to search for Delphi information in "Delphi Top sites", "All Delphi sites" and "Search the NewsGroups". The "Delphi Top sites" contains of a dozen Delphi hand-picked sites.

Google Groups

Not the "Delphi only search". groups.google.com archives the discussions found in Usenet newsgroups and in various other forums so that you can browse, read and post via the Web without any special newsreader software. In addition to keywords, subject, forum, author and date fields, groups.google.com gives you several more advanced options.

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