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Updated July 13, 2011
Yet another day, yet another question from a former VB developer...

It seems many VB developers are turning to Delphi these days. This article provides specific information and resources to help developers migrate their applications (knowledge and skills) from VB to Delphi.

Yes, it's true. I'm getting many email messages from former (and/or ready to be former) VB developers asking something like "how to do this/ how to do that in Delphi .. I'm coming from VB". It seems like a regular occurrence, for Visual Basic developers to become frustrated of that language's limitations (I'm not talking VB.NET now) and move on to Delphi. Even today, 4+ years after VB.NET "replaced" VB 6.0.

Even with the new VB.Net language (finally, VB "knows" OOP), many VB developer are left abandoned by MS with no way to migrate their existing (Win32) projects to the new .Net world.

Where to start?

I've collected some resources that can help VB developers to be more productive when they start learning Delphi:
  • A Beginners Guide to...
    Delphi Programming - this free online course is perfect for beginner developers as well as for those who want a broad overview of the art of programming with Borland Delphi.
    Database (ADO) Programming with Delphi - this free online course is perfect for Delphi database beginners as well as for those who want a broad overview of the art of database programming with Delphi. Focus on ADO.
    Asp.Net programming for Delphi developers - this free online course is perfect for beginner Delphi 8 developers as well as for those who want a broad overview of the art of Asp.Net Web programming with Borland Delphi.

  • Migrating from Visual Basic to Delphi
    This (PDF) paper is written for programmers and developers who are familiar with VB and would like to learn more about Delphi. While it compares product and language features of both packages, it is by no means a complete comparison. This comparison exists at four levels: the IDE, programming language, built-in debugger, and application deployment.

  • Vb2Delphi Help files
    This help file (zip) includes: Visual Basic commands to Delphi equivalents; Visual Basic Controls and Delphi Components; Component Pages Reference; Keystroke Mappings.

Delhpi IDE features for (Visual Studio) VB developers

Here are a few of the features in the Delphi IDE designed to make it easier for any Visual Studio developer to start using Delphi:
  • Visual Studio syntax highlighting colors
  • Object Inspector (Properties window) color settings that match Visual Studio
  • "VB-like" functions available in the StrUtils.pas unit file including LeftStr, RightStr, MidStr and several others.

Hello VB ... Hello Delphi
Also, there are some applications designed to help port VB code to Delphi:

  • DeLux - translates Visual Basic forms and code into the nearest equivalent in Borland Delphi, and with Kylix can take your Visual Basic projects all the way to Linux.

Where to ask questions?
About Delphi Programming Forum is the place with answers, the place where beginners are treated as experts!

Yet another day,...

Note: I'm in no way thinking of starting a discussion like "what language is better" .. if you have decided to move to Delphi after VB I welcome you, and will do my best to help you go smoother.

There are many VB vs. Delphi articles out there on the Net, each language has its strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that "You Just Can't Kill Visual Basic".

Happy journey :)

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