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Why Delphi?

What Is Delphi And What Can You Do With It (Better: What Delphi Can Do For You)



First of all, I will presume that you know what computers are, what can you do with them, and finally what does programming mean, in general. It would also be great if you already have basic knowledge of programming (Pascal perhaps?).

If this is not true, you wouldn't be here anyway (am I right?). I'll be very glad if I'm not!

Delphi is...

Embarcadero Delphi is a development tool for Microsoft Windows, MAC and iOS applications. Delphi is powerful and easy to use rapid application development environment for generating stand-alone graphical user interface (GUI) programs (be it 32 or 64 bit) or console applications (programs that have no GUI presence but are instead run in what is commonly referred to as a "command prompt").

Delphi users can build single-source applications for both Windows and MAC (iOS), which opens new opportunities and increases the potential return on development investments. Write an application once and compile it for Windows and Mac OS X. You can also create iOS mobile application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Delphi applications take full advantage of the power and speed of your devices CPU and GPU.

Delphi was the first programming language to shatter the barrier between high-level, easy-to-use rapid application development environments and low-level bits-and-bytes power tools. Check out Delphi history.

When creating GUI applications with Delphi, you have all the power of a true compiled programming language (object pascal on steroids) wrapped up in a RAD environment. All the common parts of the graphical user interface, like forms, buttons and lists objects, are included in Delphi as components / controls. This means that you don't have to write any code when adding them to your application. You simply "draw" (drop) them onto your form like in a paint program.

You can also drop ActiveX controls on forms to create specialized programs such as Web browsers in a matter of minutes. Delphi allows the developer to design the entire interface visually, and quickly implement an event driven code with the click of the mouse.

Delphi ships in a variety of configurations aimed at both departmental and enterprise needs. With Delphi, you can write Windows programs more quickly and more easily than was possible ever before.


The best way of describing Delphi is: an object-pascal-based-on-steroids visual development environment. Programming in Delphi is based on pascal, a language that is as object oriented as C++, and in some cases, better. For developers with no pascal experience, its templates for pascal program structures speed the process of learning the language.

The compiler produces applications packaged in compact executable files, with no need for bulky runtime libraries (DLL's)-a notable benefit, I must say.

VCL & FireMonkey

Visual Component Library (self-contained binary piece of software that performs some specific predefined function), or VCL, is Delphi's object-oriented framework. In this rich library, you'll find classes for Windows objects such as windows, buttons, etc, and you'll also find classes for custom controls such as gauge, timer and multimedia player, along with non-visual objects such as string lists, database tables, and streams.

FireMonkey, or FXM, introduced in Delphi XE 2, leverages the graphics processing unit (GPU) in modern desktop and mobile devices to create visually engaging applications on multiple platforms, targeting the entire range from the personal to the enterprise.

FireMonkey (FMX) and the Visual Component Library (VCL) are not compatible and should not be used together in the same application.


Delphi can access many types of databases. Using forms and reports that you create, Delphi can access local databases, like Paradox and DBase, network SQL server databases, like SQL Server, Oracle and InterBase, and any data source accessible though ODBC (open database connectivity).

Delphi's new LiveBindings let you connect any data source to any VCL or FireMonkey user interface or graphic element. LiveBindings give you the power and creative freedom to present data to users in more intuitive and interactive ways.

Hello World

At the end let's see one of the smallest Delphi applications: the famous 'Hello World!' program.

This example is not for beginners ;) There is no main form of application or something like that. This is only a demonstration.

program HelloWorld;
uses dialogs;
  ShowMessage('Hello World!');
I love Delphi! Delphi is great! What are you waiting for? Go get it!

But, (always but) don't think that you can buy a programming environment like Delphi and be a master programmer instantly. It takes a great deal of work to be a good Windows (MAC, iOS, ....) programmer. Hmm, this is exactly what we are trying to achieve here. Go get it!!

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