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Sophisticated Delphi Pascal techniques for Beginners
Sophisticated Delphi Pascal techniques for Beginners. Time to extend your Delphi Pascal knowledge to the max. Here are some intermediate Delphi problems and articles for everyday development tasks.
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Welcome to the seventh chapter of the FREE online programming course:
A Beginner’s Guide to Delphi Programming.
Time to extend your Delphi Pascal knowledge to the max. Here are some intermediate Delphi problems and articles for everyday development tasks.

   Delphi Pascal: a step forward
Here's a list of tutorials, and articles, that will help you learn more of Delphi Pascal. Each tutorial will help you to better understand a particular feature of Delphi Pascal language, with practical and easy to understand workigng code examples.
Some of the articles use Windows API calls, if you are unfamiliar with the term, do not run away, just follow the article code and you'll understand it completely.

Base Conversions, and more
Routines for converting Int to Bin, Int to Hex, Int to Roman and vice versa

Disk in drive A:
Some useful routines when playing with floppy disk and Delphi

Start from Delphi
Executing and running applications and files from Delphi.

Auto completing Dates
Date manipulation: improve your code, let them type faster

NO GUI Delphi applications
Creating a console mode application with Delphi; a text-mode program that runs without a graphical interface. Even more: see how to capture the output of a console application in a GUI Delphi program.

Text Files in Delphi
Handling ASCII files from Object Pascal code.

Errors and Exceptions
How to handle errors and exceptions in Delphi.

Various tutorials and articles on using Delphi

   Some exercises for you...
Since this Course is an online course, there is much you can do to prepare for the next chapter. At the end of each chapter I'll try to provide several tasks for you to get more familiar with Delphi and the topics we discuss in the current chapter. Here are some suggested actions for you, after you finish reading this chapter:

• Be sure to explore Delphi Pascal Knowledge Base - the collection of tutorials and articles explaining every aspect of programming with Delphi Pascal.

   To the next chapter: A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Programming
This is the end of the seventh chapter, in the next chapter, we'll deal the arto of commenting Delphi Pascal source code.

If you need any kind of help at this point, please post to the Delphi Programming Forum where all the questions are answered and beginners are treated as experts.

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