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string handling routines

function Copy(S; Index, Count: Integer): string;
function Copy(S; Index, Count: Integer): array;

Returns a substring of a string or a segment of a dynamic array.
S is an expression of a string or dynamic-array type. Index and Count are integer-type expressions. Copy returns a string containing a specified number of characters from a string or sub array containing Count elements starting at S[Index].

If Index is greater than the length of S, Copy returns a zero-length string ("") or an empty array.
If Count specifies more characters or array elements than are available, only the characters or elements from S[Index] to the end of S are returned.

To determine the number of characters in string, use the Length function. A convenient way to copy all the elements of S from the starting Index is to use MaxInt as Count.

var s : string;

s := Copy(s,2,3);

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