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BLOBs in Delphi DB programming

Working with BLOB (Binary Large Object) database fields with Delphi.

Storing Record Data in a BLOB Field in Delphi Database Applications
Here's how to store (and retrieve) a record (structure) value into a BLOB field in Delphi database applications.

Pictures inside a database (Free DB Course)
Displaying images (BMP, JPEG, ...) inside an Access database with ADO and Delphi.

Displaying and editing MEMO fiels in Delphi's TDBGrid
Here's how to show the contents of a MEMO (textual BLOB) field in a TDBGrid. Plus: how to enable editing of a TMemoField's contents using a separate window.

Ms Access Ole Fields
Here is some code for a Delphi unit to Access in MS Access 97 the Ole Fields (blob type)

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