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delphi hero challenges

delphi hero challenges

How many times per day, in your daily Delphi programming, do you need to solve a specific algorithm - create a custom function / class / object?

For me, most of my programming tasks, when simplified / generalized, include dropping some control on a form, specifying a few properties and handling a few events.

I could say that in some 80% Delphi already has, in the VCL, a control / component that is designed to do what I need it for, it already exposes a function in the RTL library providing the functionality I need.

However, in some 20% I need to write a custom function / class to solve a particular algorithm for my project.

Delphi Programming Exercises: Why Join / Participate?

Delphi programming challenges / exercises are designed to:
  • help you solve a particular Delphi programming task,
  • write a handy Delphi algorithm,
  • refactor your old code to make it more efficient,
  • get new ideas on how to code faster / better Delphi code.
  • and of course: to have fun while coding in Delphi :)

Sometimes asked yourself: "how good a programmer I am"?

Explore Delphi programming challenges and participate!

All levels of programming skills are acceptable. There are no prizes, only fame and glory to see your name in lights ;)

Participate to help others by solving Delphi challenges and others will help you.


When you submit your solution, please include:
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  4. Your blog/website URL (optional).
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For more information, please see our user agreement."

By submitting using email, you grant About.com non-exclusive license to publish the material. Copyright ownership remains with the author, who may also use the material elsewhere.

You can submit as many entries as you like.

Selected entries will be listed. A challenge will be closed when there are 5-10 valid submitted entries (therefore, act fast when you see an open challenge). A condition of entry is that you allow your source code to be published on this website, with full credits to you as the author.

Note: This is for fame and glory only.
About.com does not permit prizes to be given.

Active Delphi Programming Challenges

Participate in open / active coding challenges:

  1. Create an Algorithm Un-Camel-Case a CamelCase String

Closed challenges:

  1. Create an Algorithm To Find Palindromic Numbers
  2. RemoveEmptyFolders - a custom Delphi function to delete empty sub folders
  3. ExtractBasePath - a custom Delphi function takes 2 path names (directory or file) and should return the base / common path for the paths provided
  4. Fastest Unique Random Number Generator

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