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Delphi is Looking for a New Owner - Views and Speculations

Borland Seeks a Buyer for Delphi and other language products and IDEs


Updated July 13, 2011

A piece of news that is only 5 days old at the time of writing and yet is already old news...

On Wednesday February 8, 2006, Borland announced plans to seek a buyer for their IDE product lines that include Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, JBuilder (and Peloton), InterBase, JDataStore, nDataStore, Kylix, and the older Borland and Turbo language products and tools. The goal is to create a standalone business focused on advancing individual developer productivity using the people inside Borland who are focused on the success of these award winning products.

Borland's idea is to separate IDE (Integrated Development Environment) business from the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) business.

David I, Borland's Chief Evangelist was the first one to comment this announcement: "This is the right thing to do for our IDE business. It's the right thing to do for Borland's ALM focus. Our priority is to ensure a smooth and successful migration for our developer customer base, and create a vehicle for giving it greater investment, focus and growth. This is not the shutting down of a product line, but the empowering of it. This move is in the best interests of our customers, company, and community."

If you were following the non-technical group on the Borland's news server you know this decision yielded various views and concerns by many developers - much speculation and opinions quickly formed throughout the Delphi community.

What the "ex-Borlanders" are saying...

Let's see how (Borland) insiders feel about the idea of Borland selling developer tools:

Alan Bauer thinks that this move by Borland is a good one and Delphi is no longer going to be the red-headed step child looking for it's place.
John Kaster, BDN (Borland Developer Network) Architect & Borland Evangelist, is very optimistic about the future of Delphi.
Adam Markowitz also thinks this is a very reasonable thing to do.
Anders Ohlsson is excited, and also confident that February 8, 2006 will go down in history as an awesome day for existing and coming customers of all the IDE products, InterBase, etc.
Michael Swindel, Delphi director, states that Delphi roadmap is still very much in effect, that Delphi R'n'D developers are hard at work on updates for BDS 2006, trial editions, and on new technologies for the "Highlander" project, the upcoming 2007 release.

What are developers saying ...

In general, developers are asking "why form a new company?" Could *you* (Borland) not move ALM away from Borland and create a new company? Hallvard Vassbotn thinks that there are many potential benefits, mostly connected with a new company being able to focus money, time and resources more directly into the products we care most about, developer tools.

Some developers think that Delphi should be available as open-source, some say that it would be best if Microsoft buys Delphi, others are trying to find the best name for the new company.

What's your opinion?

As I said, I was shocked when I first read the announcement. Yet, I remember when Lino Tadros posted (08/2005) his view titled "To Delphi or Not to Delphi" where he proposed that Delphi should be split into a separate company.

For the moment I do really think this is a good move by Borland (to sell BDS and other IDEs) I just hope they will find the right buyer. The one that will not let Delphi die but live well and prosper!

Should you stop using Delphi? Heavens NO! It still is the best and most complete Windows development tool (for Win32 and .Net). I'm 100% sure this is not the end - it is a new beginning - be sure not to miss the birth of a new Delphi!

What do you think? Join the poll: Borland is Selling Delphi. Who should buy it?

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