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What is the BEST RAD tool for you?


What is the BEST RAD tool for you!

"I would like to learn a visual orientated programming language but I can't choose between Delphi, CSharp, Visual Basic, Java, C/C++, ..."

A question commonly asked by software developers. If you have ever asked yourself a question like this one (and I bet you have) than you know that there is no straight answer. In this article, I'll try to help you decide.

  • Comparing OOP Languages: Java, C++, Object Pascal.
    This article has special focus on object oriented programming. From Marco Cantu.

  • Comparing Object-Oriented Features of Delphi, C++, C# and Java
    This document attempts to compare some of the object oriented features available in the Delphi, C++, C# and Java programming languages. Introductory paragraphs to each section to explain the concept being compared in the section are available, but are designed to be brief, introductory discussions only, not comprehensive definitions.

  • An (incomplete) comparison of Delphi and C# features
    Delphi and C# are both rich and powerful object oriented programming languages. This articles sums and compares the features of both.

  • Delphi and C# comparison
    Features C# has that Delphi doesn't + Features Delphi has that C# doesn't.

  • The Case for Delphi
    "They are concerned that by using Delphi we will not be able to integrate into new technologies like Office 2000". Read this article and you'll find out that they are wrong. From DelphiMag.com.

And the RAD Oscar goes to...

It is up to you as the developer to make your own decision based on your needs, but you have to know that: "No language is perfect nor perfectly suited for every programming purpose"

If you already know what tool is best for you than you should know: "Better to suffer, while limitations are sufferable, than to abandon the languages to which we are accustomed."

Finally: whatever tool you decide to use, you simply cannot go wrong. Choose Delphi ;)

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