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Looking for an alternative way to enlarge your Delphi programming knowledge base



Why looking for Delphi on IRC?
If you are like me, you are always looking for more and alternative ways to enhance your Delphi programming knowledge base. Beside Delphi related articles and tutorials you can find online, Delphi Programming Forums (message boards), and standard web-based chat rooms why not try Delphi on IRC and chat with with friends around the world in real time.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a multi-user chat system, where people log into "channels" (usually centered around a specific topic) to talk publicly - in groups or privately.
IRC enables people to meet in conference groups - channels from all over the world. At any time, there are thousands of channels running simultaneously, and you can join an existing one or start one of your own.
The IRC network is made up of several servers linked together. There are several IRC Nets - the three most notable are called EFnet, Kids IRC, UnderNet and DALnet. To get more information on these Nets and the others visit Networks page.

IRC is wild and unregulated, and you will meet all kinds of people. Never give out passwords or credit card numbers or personal information on IRC! Since connecting to an IRC server involves publishing your IP address, and obtaining that IP address by only knowing your nickname is VERY easy on IRC, you are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks from malicious users. The IRC Security page covers information for the safe and responsible use of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and other "chat rooms".

IRC Lingo
When some says TTYL be sure to know to reply L8R. Acronyms are widely popular on the Internet because of the speed in which they are typed. Here is a list of them all: Acronyms 101.

Delphi on IRC
Since there are literally thousands of channels for you to choose from, finding what you want isn't always the easiest task. Of course, you are can wander from group to group, listening to the various discussions, and if you wish, you can join in.

For a specific, Delphi Programming - related IRC channel I suggest you to do a search on IRCHelp.org. Just type "delphi" in the "Enter channel name or topic keyword" edit box and you'll get a list of about 30 matches. For example, #delphi (on Effnet) is a good chat channel on IRC.

IRC Clients - or how to get to the IRC
To join an IRC network, you must use a special client program - programs that end-users run in order to participate in IRC. Running a client like Bersirc is a lot easier to learn than to learn all the commands and variations of IRC in command mode.
Of course, there are many other IRC clients, like mIRC. I've chosen Bersirc since it was developed using Delphi and is free. You can download this client from the Bersirc web site. The installation is simple and the usage too.

When you download Bersirc, you are supplied with a single .exe (executable) file. Double clicking this executable file will run the Bersirc installer. Once you have completed your installation, Bersirc will load the profile wizard so that you can easily configure it for first time use.
Bersirc includes an advanced scripting language, which allows you to customize almost every aspect of the client. In addition to this, Bersirc also includes support for plugins, based on standard windows library (dll) files.

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