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KNORG delivers About Delphi Programming Web Site to your Local Machine
Knorg - Delphi Knowledge Pack
Finding (relevant Delphi related) information on the Web is a challenge by itself, not to mention storing and retrieving them later on. There are many tools that will help you fight the information overload, but most of them are solving only a single aspect of this multi-dimensional problem.

Visitor of this web have been asking for a way to take many of the free online Delphi courses offline - by saving online content for a later review - whenever they want and need it.

Save a bookmark? No, you'll get only the URL and the Title. Save a page as MHT ("Web Archive")? Better, but what about searching, categorizing, sharing?

A solution: Knorg (KNowledge ORGanizer) by Mono-Software is a stand alone knowledge management / document management tool that helps storing online (and offline) content, categorizing, sharing, (full-text) searching, tagging, and much more.

Knorg Delphi Knowledge Packs

Knorg knowledge packs are pre-filled knowledge bases focused on a specific topic. They allow you to instantly start using Knorg using only the best, hand-picked documents and references.

The Free KNORG About Delphi Programming Knowledge Pack contains more than 120 Delphi programming articles found on this site.

Knorg features a rich user interface that will be very familiar to most of the users. It preserves the integrity of downloaded HTML files (all files are stored in a single file archive).

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