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Delphi Tips, Tricks and Code Snippets

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Doing web development with Delphi for .NET? Don't miss any of the great tricks and code samples provided in this collection!

Database programming and using DB aware components
Don't miss this! Even though Delphi database components are great, you can always tweak them a little and create even more powerful database applications.

Date and Time
Go beyond the dateutils unit. Here's a collection of some essential date and time tips and code samples.

Delphi language
Gems: How to execute a method (procedure/function) by name, Incompatible type: 'method pointer and regular procedure' - explained, Simulating keystrokes from code, and many more...

Delphi for .NET
FCL, VCL.NET, ADO.NET ... all the great tips inside!

File system
Great collection of tricks and tips if you need to work with the file system, folders and drives.

Forms and Dialogs
Extending forms and dialogs (TForm) beyond borders. Need to add a custom component to a standard dialog? Want to customize standard dialogs (Open, Save, Print, ...)? Capture mouse clicks, make shaped windows...

Graphics and Drawing
Convert between graphics formats, draw on Desktop, grab screen shots, rotate, fade, ...

Looking for IDE tricks and tips? Here they are. Is IDE running? Hidden and unregistered settings, etc.

Internet, intranet, Networking (6)
Need to connect to the Internet, get your IP, download a file with progress indicator, enumerate network resources ....

Need to print using Delphi code? Don't even try before you check and/or set the default printer, set margins, get active printer, ... and many more.

The most used data type! Reverse it, convert characters, convert to array, ...

VCL usage
A collection of tricks and code samples to help you use the VCL better.

Windows OS and API
Using API calls to get the low level Windows functionality: working with fonts, drives, processes, etc.

Windows Shell
In the heart of the OS. Working with the Desktop, Tray, Screen Savers, Cursors, processes. Disabling tasks, associate a file type, etc.

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