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Delphi tips: Delphi (Pascal) language and the RTL

Delphi programming tips and tricks, Delphi language related.


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  • Abort a loop by pressing a key
  • Controling DLL loading
  • Delphi application that copies itself
  • Enter key or Return key?
  • How to add leading zeroes to a number
  • How to create a Console mode application Without a console window
  • How to set system wide Hot Key for a Delphi application
  • How to execute a method(procedure/function) by name
  • How to Use a Function or a Procedure as a Parameter in another Function
  • How to move the mouse cursor to the focused control when the form is displayed
  • Hiding Get/Set string from INI file
  • How do I (using Delphi) talk to Microsoft Word?
  • How to shuffle (randomize position) array values
  • Incompatible type: 'method pointer and regular procedure' - explained
  • Kylix - Execute an application
  • Learning about RTL
  • Logging Exceptions in Delphi Applications
  • Simulating keystrokes from code
  • Sending keys (keystrokes) to another application
  • Setting up application wide hot key (keyboard short cut)
  • Send an email (with attachment) from Outlook
  • TForm.Create(?) Nil, Self or Application?
  • The state of the Shift, Ctrl, Alt keys
  • The role of the "AOwner" parameter in the Create constructor of Delphi components
  • Universal solution to formatting values for SQL statements (issued from Delphi code)
  • What does #13#10 stand for, in Delphi code?

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