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Delphi Enhanced Forms, Dialogs, MDI, SDI

Extending the functionality of the Form object, building block of your Delphi application’s user interface.

Reposition A MessageDlg To Your (Delphi Application) Main Form
A custom MessageDlgPos function you can use in your Delphi applications to decide if you want to center the dialog on your main form, owner form, screen center and so on simply by passing a particular type variable.

Shortcut Keys In Delphi MDI Applications
Even though MDI as a concept was designed decades ago, there are still new applications being developed using MDI approach - or old applications that you need to maintain. Providing shortcut keys for some common actions in your MDI child forms is something that will make your application more user friendly. Do you know there are some shortcuts...

Tabbed Interface (MTI) For Your MDI Delphi Applications
MDI, as a prefered user interface for applications that allow multiple documents to be contained within a single window, is being abandoned by Microsoft during the last few years. Microsoft started to promote a different user interface for such applications - TDI: Tabbed User Interface. Here's how to add TDI on top of MDI for your Delphi application.

MessageDlg - What if Closed Using the [X] Button in the Title Bar?
Answer the following question: MessageDlg is called and displays Yes and No buttons. User closes the dialog by clicking on the X button in the title bar. What is the result of the function? Here's a custom implementation of the MessageDlg Delphi function named MessageDlgEx. MessageDlgEx allows you to specify the default / focused button but also what is the result of closing the dialog by clicking on the X button.

Delphi Form Activator with Visual Thumbnail Preview
Here's an idea for your (next) Delphi killer application: provide a user with a visual way to navigate and select any already open (MDI child) form by displaying a thumbnail form image in a scrollable list.

Docking Delphi Forms to Screen Edges
In this article, we'll see how to write some message handlers for your Delphi form so that it will be able to "snap" to the screen edge when moving toward it.

Minimize Child Forms Independent of the Main Form
By design, Delphi applications only have one button on the Windows Task Bar for the whole application. When you, for example, minimize the main form of an SDI application, Delphi minimizes the main form and than hides all other windows in the application as well. Hee's how to have child form minimized independently of the main form in Delphi SDI applications.

Fade In / Out an About Box or any Modal Delphi Form
To create a nice effect for the user, you might want to decide the modal form to fade in - appear gradually from a completely transparent window. When the form is about to be closed - it fades out.

Understanding the Birth, Life and Death of a Delphi Form
Examining the life cycle of a Delphi Form - the central element of development in Delphi. See what's happening behind events OnCreate, OnActivate, OnShow, OnClose...

Creating a Splash Screen in Delphi applications
How to add a splash screen to your Delphi application

Tips and code samples
Extending forms and dialogs (TForm) beyond borders. Need to add a custom component to a standard dialog? Want to customize standard dialogs (Open, Save, Print, ...)? Capture mouse clicks, make shaped windows...

A more powerfull Delphi Form
Messing with the creation process of a form object, or how to change the default style of a window when it gets created to suit your particular needs.

Centering the MessageDlg dialog inside a form
How to make your MessageDlg's center on your form instead of the screen.

Centering the Select Directory dialog
Here's how to take the full control over the SHBrowseForFolder API call. Find out how to implement an application-defined callback function that the browse dialog calls, to notify the caller about its events.

MDI Development in Delphi. Part I.
Constructing "multiple document interface" application with Delphi. Examining MDI parent/child relationship, menus and some most important MDI parent form properties.

MDI Development in Delphi.Part II.
Creating a multiple document interface graphic file viewer.

Splash Screens
How to add a splash screen to your Delphi application

Weird Delphi
Custom shaped forms, a funny way to distinguish yourself from the others! Plus: custom shaped buttons and various form enhancements.

Creating a roll-up form
"How can I create a form that will roll up; that is, a form that when clicked will reduce its height to nothing but the title bar?"

Designing Dialog Components
Creating custom dialog component.

Filling the Screen with Your Form
"I'd like to resize a form and have it fill up the screen. But I don't want it to display over the Win95/WinNT taskbar"

Zooming-windows with Delphi
Unfortunately Borland left away the zooming-effect that Windows95 uses to minimize and restore forms. Using the code described in this project, you can build it into your apps.

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