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CD Control

Hot-Key Tray Icon CD opener/closer.


CDControl at design time in Delphi IDE

CD control was written by Peter Barnard

I was tired of the confined space that I work in at home, and to make matters worse ... every CD/DVD type drive has it's OPEN/CLOSE button under the disk slider! Fine when you want to OPEN the thing but (in my case) a problem when you need to bend around obstacles with a blind finger to try and close it again - so would'nt it be nice to just use a "hotkey" to get the thing to open/close?

I am a converted "newbie" from Microsoft Visual Basic and have found too many "pros" in using Delphi as opposed to the alternative that our Microsoft friends have provided to ignore. The article Delphi for Visual Basic developers was more than helpful.

This program demonstrates a few very handy principles:

Download "CD Control" source code

I have tried to put in as many comments as possible, but if something is unclear, please search the delphi.about.com website ... all basics that are used in this program are very well documented here, after all, that's where I learnt to start programming with Delphi. Above all HAVE FUN AND EXPLORE!

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