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Open Source Delphi Projects: Delphree

Let's see what's free, open and ready for participation


Idea: Free & Available For All
We all know what Linux is. Linux is a free operating system. The source code is freely available to anyone who wants it and always will be. In other words Linux is a project with "open" source.
However, this article is not about Linux, it is about Open Source Projects in this wonderful Delphi world.

Open source doesn't just mean access to the source code. Projects license may not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software. The source code must be the preferred form in which a programmer would modify the program. The license may not restrict the program from being used in a business, or from being used for genetic research or personal use.

The whole idea of free and open Delphi-Pascal projects is gathered around the Delphree web site. Delphree.org mission is to popularize and to support all Open Source activities associated with Delphi/BCB.

The essential idea of Delphree is cooperation and support. To give Delphi users on-time information about all activities in Delphree domain - Open Source projects, libraries and knowledge bases. Delphree provides wide range of free services for Open Source projects and another activities filling the idea of Delphree.

So, you want to help? Great! You don't have to be a Delphi guru and you don't need to spend lots of time. Delphree is always looking for information diggers and newshawks, web designers, Open Source evangelists, project reviewers etc.

What is there?
Delphree open source initiative is currently listing more than twenty Delphi projects. These open source programs cover wide range of programming fields: database programming, internet programming, serial communication, wizards, API conversions, source profilers, etc.
Some of them are:

  • WebProvider
    Complete solution for creating of Web server applications. Substitution for Inprise's WebBroker.
  • AsyncFree
    Open solution for serial communication in Delphi including closely related components: terminal window, TAPI, etc.
  • JEDI project
    Project is devoted to API conversions.
  • WinShoes
    Complete internet solution package.
  • GExperts
    Collection of Delphi IDE add-ons and enhancements. Read a review.
  • Nexus framework
    Contains low-level class and function libraries, wide range of system services and problem oriented solution packages.


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