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Machine Flow - Delphi EsoLang

Machine Flow - Delphi EsoLang

By Michael Pote:

Machine Flow is an Esoteric Programming Language which wikipedia describes as a language which is a "test of the boundaries of computer programming language design, as a proof of concept, or as a joke". I'm pretty sure my "esolang" is about 90% joke and around 10% proof of concept.

Let me explain:
In Machine Flow, all programming tasks are carried out by marbles. Yes, Marbles. They 'flow' around on rails, set on top a giant wooden table, carrying one variable of data around each. Each set of rails is connected to an input or output of an Operator - a little box which does something with the marbles (Add, Duplicate, Test, etc.). This concept has been explored before, under the name 'Dataflow', but never with these sort of graphics I think!

You may be thinking "WHY" at this point... Well, think of it as a piece of 'art'. An expression of creativity that needs no purpose other than to be enjoyed.

From a technical stand-point: The boxes use Lua script to perform their actions, and each Operator is described as a simple text file so the language is easily extendable.

Download Machine Flow

Unfortunately the source code is no longer available. :(
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