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Don't Miss: CodeRage 2007 - Free Online Virtual Conference by CodeGear

Monday, March 12 - 16. 2007


CodeRage 2007

CodeRage 2007

Updated December 27, 2011

CodeRage by CodeGear is the first virtual conference for developers!

CodeRage takes place from March 12, 2007 until March 16, 2007.

Register for CodeRage online, today, and make sure you do not miss the first virtual developers conference! If you register, you get a 25% discount on CodeGear products (Delphi 2007 for Win32 or Delphi for PHP).

CodeRage Sessions

With more than 50 sessions covering wide variety of programming topics, CodeRage has to offer something to everyone. Sesions cover: Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, Interbase 2007, Delphi for PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, Ajax, ECO, ...

Prizes for everybody (lucky enough)

If you register you get a chance to win valuable prizes provided by virtual exhibitors.

Can't believe this? Take a look for yourself: CodeRage 2007

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