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Delphi Contest: Creating Fancy Applications

Code in Delphi: For Fame and Glory ;)


I love to code in Delphi. My daily job includes 8+ hours of writing begin/end pairs.

Submit Your Fancy Delphi Application

Read on to find out what? why? how?

If you are like me, you like experimenting - creating pieces of Delphi code just to learn something new and create something interesting. If nothing else, to amaze your coworkers / family / yourself.

Sometimes the funny code I write actually does something smart - but most of the time - it's just to see if *this* can be done in Delphi.

Here's an example: last night I sat down to watch a movie. During the intro there were some letters flying in, producing names of actors and other folks related to the movie.

I asked myself - can something like that be done in Delphi. Of course, I knew it can - but let's see if I can do it!

Code in Delphi: For Fame and Glory

FDA(C) Entries 1-20
FDA(C) Entries 21-31
FDA(C) Entries 31-40
FDA(C) Entries 41-50

Here's an idea that originated from this idea of mine: let's create a simple Delphi programming contest - the task is to code a fancy-do_nothing_smart application (a piece of code) in Delphi!

Let this one be for fame and glory - no material prizes will be given to any contestants - all of us will code for fame and glory - pure rivalry :)

Send in your fancy Delphi ideas to me, using Send a Fancy Piece of Code in Delphi. I'll post your work on this web site - so other Delphi developers can learn from it and grade your work.

Those developers with best ideas and best "grades" will have their place in "The Fanciest Delphi Application Contest 2008" list.

So, what do you say, is this a great idea or not? If your think it is I want to hear it, if you think this is a total waste of time - my ears are closed!

Since this is a competition we need to have some rules:

  • You can use any Delphi version your currently have.
  • Your should not use any third-party controls/components. Everyone should be able to compile the application/program you create - without installing any new components.
  • Don't be shy - even the TThisApplicationIsACompleteWasteOfTime is something you should try to do and submit to this competition.
  • Ah ok. If you must use OpenGL - you can.
  • Since any competiton need to have a judge - I'll be the one to decide if your work is fancy enough to enter this contest. Had to say that.

First Fancy Delphi Entry: "Animated" Caption!

Here's what my first entry will be:

Drop a button (TButton named "AnimateButton"), a label (TLabel named "lblText") and an edit (TEdit named "editToAnimate") control on a form (named "AnimationForm").

Handle the button's OnClick event:

procedure TAnimationForm.AnimateButtonClick(Sender: TObject) ;
  c, charInProcess : char;
  word : string;
  lblText.Caption := '';

  for c in editToAnimate.Text do
    for charInProcess in ['a' .. c] do
      lblText.Caption := word + charInProcess;
      Sleep(100) ;
    word := word + c;

  lblText.Caption := word;
What gets displayed in lblText for each characted in editToAnimate.Text? Let's say "delphi rulez" is in editToAnimate. When button is clicked, this is what gets displayed:
delphi rulez
Note the call to Sleep and Application.ProcessMessage. I did not want to use the TTimer control - I wanted my first entry to be real simple one.

Nothing smart but fancy - and this is all what this contest is about: to create a "useless" application in delphi - one that is nice to see and one can learn something from it.

If you know me, you know I already have writen dozens of such application - always with the idea to learn something new:

Hm .. ah .. ok. Rules are about to change! By looking at some of the "useless" applications I have created for delphi.about.com over the years ... it seems there are quite a few that are pure gems: Ruler is a must, Zoomer is just great. Ok, I'm not shy ;)

New rule: it is ok for the fancy Delphi application you submit to useful!

What are you waiting? Let me see what you have or can do with Delphi!

Submit Your Fancy Delphi Application

My first entry, the above "Animated Caption" should be given 1 out of 10. I do expect your entries to be much more eye catching :) pieces of work! Do your best!

Zarko Gajic
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